Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekly Sentence #26 winner, etc....

Good Saturday, my readers!  I fear I confused you all with my entry yesterday.  What I would like, pretty please, is if you are alerted of my entries in your email box with "Val's Thoughts" please let me know in the comments section (or pop me an email).  I will explain what to do (if you haven't fixed it already).  This is really important.  No one has responded, but one.  This hasn't been fixed in three years and must be fixed and I know about a third of my readers enter my journal via this link.

Now on to the winner of this week's "Weekly Sentence with Val"!!  The letters this week are
TSRBOR.  The judges told me it was very, very hard for them this week!  The judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE:

Marc of Sober Gay Poz Ex-Con:

The Stones rocked, but Otis rolled.

Congratulations again, Marc!  Please drop by his blog and say hello and congratulate him when you are able!

Marc, your award is below.  Right click and save as .gif.  If you have any problems or questions on how to post in your sidebar, just pop me an email.


I would also like to thank all who submitted this week!!  Submissions are below:

  Timid sisters rowed bashfully over rivers.
  Tom stopped right by our rig.
  T shirts "R" big on rhetoric.
  The spirit rises beyond our reach.
  Thoughtful speaking rarely brings obstinate responses.
  Talking smack rarely begs off responsibility.
  The students return better on ritalin.
  The smell reminded Becky of roses.
  Thoughtful sentiments respect both our races.
  Teeth smudged red betray old rogues.
  The service robot believes only rumors.
  Two shy ringbearers brought out rings.
  The Saviour reborn brings our redemption.
  True spirituality reaches beyond our reason.
  Timely surgery regarding brain omits randomness.
  Tranquil springs rise bubbling over rocks.

I will see you all tomorrow morning with six new letters for your submissions.  I will be working on a brand new computer!!  I am excited!!  I hope I can figure out how to use it.  LOL  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!   Val =)


  1. Congratulations Marc, your sentence "rocked"

  2. sent you an email Marc...

  3. Wow! I'm thrilled! I never win anything and the competition was really good!

  4. Congrats, Marc.  

    Valerie, I deleted "Val's Thoughts" from my alerts and went back to your blog and clicked on alerts, then entry alerts, to get alerts from the new name of your blog, "There is a Season".  As you asked us to!  I know how important this is, as you won't get your comments counted if people don't change their alerts.  Even if they are getting alerts from your blog, if it is under the wrong name (Val's Thoughts - instead of There is a Season), your comments are not being counted by AOL.  

    No, everybody, I am not saying comments are the most important thing in life, LOL.  But if Val is really getting them, they may as well be counted. So I hope everybody does switch over to the new name of her  blog, whether they are getting Val's alerts or not.  Getting the alerts is not an issue, what name they are getting them under is an issue.  If val's alerts are showing up in your email box as Val's Thoughts instead of There is a Season, and you don't know how to fix it, please email her at and she will tell you.

    From a sister who is trying to help :)
    Krissy :)    

  5. Congratulations to Marc!

  6. Wow Val, These Sentences Are Really Big On Riotesness!  xoxo Cathy

  7. what does Riotesness mean?
    is my sentence included?

  8. LMAO!! Great Sentence.


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