Monday, August 18, 2008

"Weekly Sentence" #26!...

Good Monday morning, my friends!  How are you today?  I'm very good, thanks =).  I have six new letters for the "Weekly Sentence" game!  Before giving you the letters, I would like to congratulate our previous game's winner Nelishia of PRAYING AND BELIEVING (private journal).  She had an awesome sentence!  Congrats, Nelishia!

This week's six new letters will follow the rules below. 
If you have never read the rules, please doSubmissions aren't due until Friday at 4PM EDT, since I am a day late posting.  Have fun, thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!


Each Sunday I post a set of six letters.  A sentence must be
      made from these letters.  The letters today are:

      An example of a sentence could be -
The summer rain bounced
      off roofs. 
These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

There is a three - five persons judge panel (of JLand journalers)
      who choose the best sentence or two submitted each week.  How
      do they choose winning sentence(s)?  The submission(s) that
      receives the strongest reactions -  Did it make them laugh, sad,
      ponder, etc.?

The winner(s) receives a logo for his/her blog sidebar with their
      screen name on it.

  Place submissions in comments section.  If you do this game as an
      entry in your blog, please come back and leave your ENTIRE
      entry URL so your entry can be judged. 
Submissions are due by
Thursday, 4PM EDT. The winner is announced Friday morning
      or early afternoon.

A new set of letters is placed in my journal, There is a Season,
       every Sunday morning or early afternoon.

*   If you submit more than one sentence, only your first sentence
will be judged.

      Have fun!!

This Week's Letters:

Thanks for playing!!
  Have a good rest of the day!  Val =)



  1. Timid sisters rowed bashfully over rivers.

    have a good day Val!


  2. "Tom stopped right by our rig"

    Linda in Washington state

  3. T Shirts "R" Big On Rhetoric (sp?).

  4. the spirit rises beyond our reach

  5. This is my entry:

    Thoughtful speaking rarely brings obstinate responses.

    Private Journal

  6. Firstly, congratulations to Nelishia!  

    My entry....TSRBOR:  Talking smack rarely begs off responsibility.


    The students return better on ritalin.

    *disclaimer*  this is lighthearted humor/sarcasm...i would never (and i sincerely mean it) advocate for students to be unnecessarily medicated.  And if you really want to know one more reason I teach where i do, it is because stimulants and anti-depressants are statistically less likely to be prescribed in urban schools.

    thanks as always for some creative thinkers!


  8. The smell reminded Becky of roses.                      alice

  9. your grandbaby is beautiful!I hope you post more pictures!

  10. Thoughtful sentiments respect both our races.

  11. The Stones rocked, but Otis rolled.

  12. Really at a lost with this one. Let's try this.

    Teeth smudged red betray old rogues.

  13. The service robot believes only rumors.

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  14. Two shy ringbearers brought out rings.

    (It was a double wedding!)

    Krissy :)

  15. The Saviour Reborn Brings Our Redemption

  16. True spirituality reaches beyond our reason.

  17. from mastersblynn:
    Timely surgery regarding brain omits randomness.

  18. from dsonney01:
    Tranquil springs rise bubbling over rocks.


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