Tuesday, September 25, 2007



I haven't been around for a few days because Chelsea has been in labor since Thursday.  She had a little boy last night.  Mom and baby are doing very well.  She had contractions and was dialating for four days, poor thing, but they wouldn't induce because she was just shy of 38 weeks until yesterday.  Jonah Alexander was born at 11:06 PM last night.  He is 7 lbs 1 /12 oz. and 20 inches long.  He is beautiful, but I am bias.  LOL  I will post pictures as soon as I receive them.

Monday, September 17, 2007

50 questions Part II...

25. Ever been in a fight? verbal ones.  Maybe some
    small physical ones with my sisters when I was a
    tot.  I am not a fighter.

26. Are you wearing nailpolish?
27. What time is it?
12:27 PM
28. Innie or Outie?
29. Ever used a Ouija board?
as a child (I think they
    are evil.)

30. Sweet or sour?
mostly sweet
31. Sun or Moon?
32. What shoes did you wear today?
  none yet, barefoot
33. Favorite eye color of the opposite sex?  dark brown
36. Time of day you were born?
4:05 PM
37. Do you know your blood type?
0 positive 
38. Do you know how to kill a zombie?
you climb up a
    tree and act like a zombie then you hit it over
    the head with an axe (or you can drink it down
    in one gulp.).

39. Do you smoke?
I'm on the patch
40. What would you spend 5,000 dollars on right now if
      you were handed it?
  Probably save $4,000 in the
    bank and go on a shopping spree with the other

41. Who is your favorite musical artist?
Josh Groban
42. Which animal(s) remind you of yourself?
43. What's your background on your pc?
my grandson,

44. Did you grow up in the city or country?
45. Would you ever consider going on a reality tv show
      if offered a large sum of money?
maybe, depends
    on which one.  Not if I had to perform a talent.

47. What's one thing you're really good at cooking?

nothing in particular.
48. Kisses or hugs?
49. You have 10 dollars to spend in the dollar store..what
     do you get?
see if there are any name brand
   shampoos or toothpastes,etc., that haven't
   expired. If there aren't any, I would just buy
   silly stuff.

50. Slurpee flavor?


Sunday, September 16, 2007

50 questions Part I, give it a try!...

Linda finished these 50 questions in her journal quite awhile back.  I am now finishing them myself.  I tried to put all 50 questions in one entry and I went over the maximum characters allowed.  So today I will post questions 1 - 24.  Part II coming soon!  Go ahead and give them a try!  They were fun!  Leave your entry URL in the comments section so I can see your answers, too.  Hope you enjoy!  I always love learning new things about everyone!  Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!  Hugs!!! xox

  1. Are you taller than your mom? about 5 inches
2. What color is your shower curtain? duckies =)
3. What is the closest thing to you right now that is red?
    a sweater
4. What is your ring tone?  just got a new phone,
    haven't set a ringtone yet

5. Does anything hurt on your body right now? What
    DOESN'T??.. mostly back and neck.

6. What color is your favorite pillow? a long white body
    pillow - depends on what pillowcase I put on it.

7. What is your favorite video game? Tetris
8. Had a nap today? not yet!
9. Gold or Silver? silver
10. Is there an animal that creeps you out? don't really
    like snakes much but I will touch them.  No animal
    animal really creeps me out much, though , not
    even spiders or bugs.

11. Who was the last person you rode an elevator with? I
    boyfriend, John.

12. Did you go ice skating as a kid? no - would love to
    learn as an adult, though.

13. Ever have stitches? from surgery, yes, from an
    injury, no.

14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? orange juice and water
    mixed together.

15. How long ago did you hug someone? all night long
16. What's something you want to do before you die? get
    a house, maybe get married again.

17. Have you ever caught something on fire? only on

18. Have you ever seen a ghost? perhaps
19. Have you ever seen northern lights? no, would love

20. Do you know how to use chop sticks?  yes!
21. Name something good that happened today. I talked
    to my sissy, Krissy, on the telephone.  I haven't
    been able to spend enough time with her lately.
22. What room are you in? my computer room
23. Are you worried about something you can't control?
a little bit, but not really worried.
24. Do you take daily medications? Too many!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Journal Tournament V sign-ups...

Kellen, a freshman college student, runs a Journal Tournament and is taking sign-ups for his most recent TourneyThe game is explained hereI have played a few times and enjoyed myself immensely (and won once!)!  You will learn a lot of obscure facts as well as meet new journalers and have a blast!!  Are you a competitor?  If you have questions about the Tournament feel free to ask me in the comments section.  Run, run and sign up!  The deadline is tomorrow night!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Photo Scavenger Hunt #119 subject!...


Photo Scavenger Hunt #119 will be due on
Sunday, September 23
, at 11:00 PM EST.
Our subject this week is:
  "a favorite food/foods"

Please note that
this is an extended Hunt.  I wanted to give you all some extra time because I am giving it to you later in the week.  I do hope you have some fun with this!!  I am very curious to see what is submitted!  If you know anyone who may want to play this game and does not know that it exists, send them a link!  Everyone has a favorite food and they just may want to play!  Please put your FULL entry URL in the comments section below.  If you have any questions about uploading or posting feel free to email me at valphish@aol.com.  Have fun!!


Photo Scavenger Hunt #118 participants...

Photo Scavenger Hunt #118 participants


I wanted to thank the following journals for participating in this week's Photo Hunt.  Please visit the links below and leave a comment!  I wanted to welcome Mary Louise, too!  Welcome!! 

Linda's World
My Photo Journey
Sassy's EYE
(Deb) and here
     Footprints in the Sand
My Hugs Journal
Gina's Space
Mary Louise's Photo Shoot
(Mary Louise)
I will be back shortly with a new Hunt subject!  Toodles! xox

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The lie is...

#2!!  I have never been on a game show.  I think that I would like to be someday, but I fear that fright would paralyze me and I would behave like a buffoon and die of embarrassment.  LOL  I can eat very well with chopsticks and I do live by a liquor store as well as a funeral home/crematorium, two churches, a pizza parlor, a loan office, a hair salon, and a Loyal Order of The Moose across the street.  I could live for the rest of my life just on my street if I could stomach just pizza.  I could get a loan for a lot of money, drink, go to church, get my hair cut and die.  I don't drink though.  I can't go into the Moose either because they don't allow women in there.  I find the place very mysterious.  It reminds me of the episode on The Flintstone's where Wilma and Betty tried to get into Fred's Lodge.  They dressed up in the garb and pretended to be men.  Does anyone remember this?  I envision the men in the back of the Moose wearing big buffalo hats and eating buffalo burgers and Pterodactyl eggs and paddling one another with paddles.  Well, they need to let me in there.  LOL  Thanks for playing.  Linda at Footprints in the Sand was the only one who guessed the lie correctly.  For some reason, most of you thought I couldn't use chopsticks.  My boyfriend was with me when we had lunch that day and he tried them for the first time and used them the entire meal.  I was impressed!  Have you ever tried to use chopsticks?  Are you any good with them?

P.S.  I will be back within a day to list Hunt participants and Hunt subject.  Thank you for your patience.  I had a two day migraine.          

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Which is true?...

I found this Weekend Assignment at Cathy's Journal.  I'm a week behind (no surprise), but thought I would give it a try anyway.  We were supposed to tell two truths and one lie.  I had fun coming up with these.  Can you guess which is the lie?

     1.  I ate a whole meal with chopsticks last Sunday.
     2.  I was on a TV game show when I was 28.
     3.  My home is nestled between a liquor store, church,
         and funeral home/crematorium.

Take a guess... and if you are family or a close friend and know the answer, give others time to guess please!!  If you play this, please leave your entry URL so I can come have a guess, too!


Scattegories, play along!...

I found this game of Scattegories at Chuck's PlaceIt was fun!!  If you want to give it a go please leave your full entry URL so I can come take a look!

     What is your name? Valerie
4 letter word: vole
Vehicle: Volvo
        TV Show:
Veronica Mars
City: Vatican City
Boy Name other than yours: Vernon
Girl Name other than yours: Violet
Drink: vodka
Occupation: Vice-President
Something you wear: veil
Celebrity: Vince Vaughn
Food: vichyssoise
Found in a bathroom: vanity
Reason for Being Late: voted!
Cartoon Character: Velma (from Scooby Doo)
Something You Shout: vulgarities

Hope everyone is having a super start to their weekend! xox

        Thanks to MQQN for this wonderful tag!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Photo Scavenger Hunt #118 subject...


Photo Scavenger Hunt #118 will be due on
Sunday, September 9,
at 11:00 PM EST.
Our subject this week is:

How about a photo of an object or place that brings you comfort?  Or something that represents comfort?  You may interpret the subject any way you wish.  Please put your
FULL entry URL in the comments section below.  If you have any questions about uploading or posting feel free to email me at valphish@aol.com.  Have fun!!


Photo Hunt #117 participants...

Photo Scavenger Hunt #117 participants


I want to thank the following women for participating in last week's Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Please visit them and leave a comment.  They are very good!:

Footprints in the Sand
My Hugs Journal
There is a Season
Gina's Space
Throw Me a Bone

I will return shortly with this week's Hunt subject.  Hope everyone is having a nice holiday!  Hugs! xox

Sunday, September 2, 2007

week's news, Happy Labor Day!...

I would like to sincerely apologize to those of you who participated in last week's Photo Scavenger Hunt and LOLpets.  I have been unable to post your entries and give a new Hunt subject because I was busy with a little boy and a sick daughter.  My daughter was in the hospital all last week with a severe kidney infection.  I took care of Josiah.  When Josiah comes to Grammy's it's "play time" so I got no break!! LOL  Chelsea is healing.  She is very weak and still hurts some, but is recovering.  Her baby (in her belly) is okay.  She had contractions the first day in the hospital (every two minutes!) but they stopped, thank goodness.  She did that with her pregnancy with Josiah, too.  She had a lot of false contractions in her eighth month.  That never happened with me.  She is getting large now.  Her baby is due October 7.  They picked out a name - Jonah Alexander.  I like it very much!  I might be repeating myself.  LOL  I forgot what I have and haven't told everyone.  Oh, I am getting very excited!!  I better finish crocheting the baby's first blanket!!

I am so, so sore from taking care of Josiah and I am having a lot of muscle spasms.  My fibromyalgia has flared BIG TIME!   It was worse yesterday so I will be okay.  I am at my worst in the morning right when I wake up.  That's why I get on the computer.  I am in too much pain to do anything else.  I wait for my muscle and nerve pain medicines to work and for my body to kick in.  It takes about two hours.  Anyone who knows me knows that I DO NOT do anything for two hours after I get up except sit at the computer.  My body stops around 4PM, too, and doesn't start up again until 9PM.  I have a weird cycle.  I do very well late at night, too.  Very late evening is my best time of day.

I will be posting everyone's entries and a Hunt subject in the next day.  I just wanted you all to know that I didn't disappear.  I wanted to thank everyone who was praying for Chelsea, too, it meant the world to us!!  God bless and have a good Labor Day! xox