Sunday, August 6, 2006

A reunion, some poems, and "Wordplay"!...

Hello there and happy Sunday!  Baby caught a mouse last night.  It's the third mouse I have had in this house since I moved in.  I live in a very, very old house with an old crumbling basement.  I never go down there because I know there are mice down there.  Ewww... So, I don't know what Baby did with this mouse last night.  Yikes!  Honey and Baby delivered the other two to me so I could get rid of them.  This one he hid!  I have to go on a mouse expedition.  Sorry if this bothered anyone :-o!!

On a happier note, I had a wonderful reunion this past week.  Many of you know that I have been married twice.  I had two children from my first marriage - Chelsea and Matthew.  My second marriage gave me a stepson for eight years - Michael.  Michael was a wonderful, sweet, charming boy.  I was married for eight years.  He called me mom through the whole marriage.  He didn't have a mom, but that is another story not to be told on here.  To make a long story short, after his dad and I split up his dad would not allow me to visit Michael (stupid decision made for "the sake of the child").  I pleaded with my ex to allow me to see him with no avail.  For the past eight years I have wondered how he was doing and have played a reunion over and over in my head.  A reunion happened on Thursday!  Michael has moved to my little town, of all things!!  He's 18 now and doing well.  He came to my door and we had a three hour getting-back-in-touch talk.  We got to get everything squared away that needed to be squared away.  It was beautiful =D !!  I am so grateful!!  No child should be EVER lied to or kept in the dark, ever!

I wanted to post a few poems that were written from last week's "Wordplay".  I have gotten permission from the authors.  I think these are outstanding!   A big thank you to the authors!

The following two poems were submitted for the railroad picture:

On the road of life we travel, and hope for better days.
     We plan what we do, when we get to a better place.

     The road of life has bumps and jolting stops which are thankfully few,
     And we have some joyful sights and sounds and maybe love, too.

     But what's at the journey's end?  Many of us think we know.
     I hope it's a heavenly light and no where else to go.

      -written by Angela from Life, As I See It!

     Life's long straight track
     The end narrows down.
     Light beckons you home.

-written by Julie from Julie Loses It, My Weight Loss Journal

The next two poems were submitted for Van Gogh's "Starry Night":

The madness in his sky of light
     When off he goes to capture night -
     But I see something far more sane,
     The painter's genius in his pain.

-written by Cathy from DARE TO THINK

Stars gleaming brightly in the sky
Treasures and secrets about in them
All the mysteries of the world
Revolve in those little stars
Remembering Van Gogh painted them by candlelight
Yes - stars are magical beings

Night is not my favorite time
I am afraid of the dark
Going around and around
Happily those stars
Twinkle in the night

     - written by Jaymi (nyuknyukpik2) whose journal is private.

Finally, Meg from In Quest of Truth
authored this poem awhile back and sent it to me because it reminded her of the picture of the flowery hills:

God's Bridge

It was a harsh and stony pathway, but I knew the way was straight.
It seems so dark and hopeless, but I had to keep my faith.
Trudging up hills, climbing rocks and ragged hedges,
It took all the strength I had just to dodge the jagged edges.

Slipping and sliding down the mountainside, voicing my complaint.
My strength was gone, my courage failed, I was fighting not to faint.
I've made it to the foot of the hill, now the valley I must face,
Tired and beaten, so weary and worn, how can I run this race?

If I stop to rest, will I give up and die?  Will I make it on my own?
This path is my life, now I clearly see how I've reaped what I have sown.
I'm at a river in this valley low: a raging, evil tide,
"Help me God, please help me, God, get to the other side!"

The fog began to lift in the midst of my despair and my fright,
My prayers were answered as I walked on, a bridge came into sight.
CautiouslyIcrossed the narrow way, for the water raged below.
How this bridge had suddenly appeared, I surely did not know.

Looking up, I see the mountain top, where Peace and Love abide.
It's such a relief to have crossed God's bridge and be on the other side.
Halfway up I turned and looked, and cried at what I saw.
My rugged bridge had been The Cross, where Jesus bore it all!

For today's "Wordplay" I thought we could all try to write a poem about anything at allMake it as simple as you wantA simple haikuA short four line poemFree-verse, non-rhyming if that is your styleYou can rhyme if you wantYou can make it acrostic (first letters spell out a word) like Jaymi's aboveAnything goes!  Have fun!  Write about your favorite subject if you like!  You have a whole week to think about it.  I will be posting the poems!  Have fun!!!!

Have a good rest of the weekend, everyone! xox