Friday, August 22, 2008

I have a big favor to ask you guys...

I need you, my readers who have me on alerts, to do me a BIG favor.  I am not getting all of my comments recorded.  This has been going on since I have switched from "Val's Thoughts" to "There is a Season".  I realized why this is happening and this can be easily fixed.  If you get my entry alerts that say "Val's Thoughts" I need you to follow a couple of steps for me.  If you get your alert under "There is a Season" you can disregard this entry.  Thanks =)  If you get it under "Val's Thoughts", and you probably do if you have been reading me for more than three years, please do these two steps:

   1.  Go to your "Manage My Alerts" and delete Val's Thoughts entry alerts.
       You can do this by going to my journal front page and clicking "Alerts"
       at the top of my journal and then clicking "Entry Alert" and "Manage
       my Alerts".  The delete bottom is the farthest on the right, I believe.
    2.  Come back to my journal and click on "Alerts" and "Entry Alert" then "Ok".

Thanks, you guys!  I have gotten 27 comments in the last 20 hours and only 16 have been recorded.  I have kept quiet for so long.  I think I will fix it now.  Take care and you all have a good weekend!


  1. I have no problem with your alerts Val but I wonder if all the people I know are getting mine.  I have noticed quite a marked decrease in comments for my last three entries.  I mean still a good number but not the normal numbers if you see what I mean.

  2. I haven't had a problem getting your entries. So all is well here. Keep writing!

  3. My allerts always say "There is a Season"


  4. I did it.  I hope that clears things up for you, Val.   Linda in Washington state

  5. im getting the alerts just fine.

  6. got your alert as There is a Season; (just wanted you to know that I get them :)

    enjoy your weekend


  7. There is a season is coming through for me without any difficulties.


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