Thursday, August 21, 2008

How to get free HBO...

I have an entry posted in my other blog of funny answering machine messages.  This posting reminds me of a funny message my daughter left on my machine a little over four years ago.  We had just moved into my new apartment that I now live in.  I had just had my second brain surgery.  Chelsea had moved from Florida to come be with me and help out.  The message she left on the telephone went something like this: "Hi this is Chelsea.  My mom can't come to the phone right now.  She is resting from braaaaaaiiiiin surgery.  I can't come to the phone because I am helping her out.  Please leave your message after the beep."

You would be surprised how many people would call just to listen, laugh, and hang up.  One was the cable TV installer.  I called to have my cable installed and he called back to set up a time.  A short time after the call I got a few calls back with giggles and "ssshhhh's..." and I could tell the cable installer was calling his children to the phone to listen to the message and they were laughing.  It didn't bother me at all.  I was glad I was making others smile.

A couple days later when the installer came to my home and I opened the door he noticed I was bald.  Bald as bald could be.  His jaw dropped.  He was so sweet and very accommodating that day.  We even noticed that HBO was coming through and it wasn't in my package.  I would have had to pay more.  He told me not to worry about it and I could have it for free.  I had HBO for four years and didn't pay a penny for it.  I never watched a single show on it, but every time I channel-surfed and passed by HBO,  I giggled thinking that I got it free because of her message and his guilt feelings.  The HBO disappeared about three weeks ago.  I wonder if he left the cable company.  Thanks, cable man, even though I didn't watch anything, it was still  nice!!

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  1. Hi Val. I haven't been reading your journal until lately and didn't know you had had braaaaaiiiin surgery :)   That is just so cute and I can almost hear how she said it. Have a great day :)............alice

  2. That is funny.  Some people's messages are so obnixious,'s disgusting.  My neighbor has a real grouchy message on his and he's got his mobile home for sale on Craigs List. I told him he's never going to sell it with that message on there. Linda in WA  

  3. the last sentence winner
    wasn't fair
    they switched the
    letters around

  4. That's hilarious, Val!

    Krissy :)

  5. Shame you didn't get round to watching HBO. Still, it's the thought that counts.

    B. x

  6. Actually, "Six Feet Under" may have not been the best viewing choice from someone recovering from brain surgery.

  7. Funny! I think my sentence is "Tranquil springs rise bubbling over rocks." (It's better than my first thoughts, Todays supper, red beans over rice!) Dannelle

  8. TSRBOR  Timely surgery regarding brain omits randomness.  How's that? LOL

  9. what a sweet story; what a nice person to do that for you; I bet he was not expecting that the phone message on the answering machine was actually the truth about why you two couldn't come to the phone.


  10. That is a cute story!!!  I'm surprised you didn't watch anything on HBO they have some good stuff!


  11. it dissapeared because they realized you were getting it free. Chelsea's silly and thats just rude for him to keep calling back no matter what you were trying to rest.

  12. What a cute story, lol....
    Linda :)

  13. Val,
    Where is your list of funny answering machines listed?? I really want to read that.
    I loved this story about you, Clels,  HBO & the Cable Guy!  Maybe did he retire?  

    My sweet dear freind, Val, I didn't know you'd had more than one brain surgery & I sure didn't know it was as recent as 4 years ago.  Oh, honey!  You have had some tough times.  You amaze me, you really do because you keep in the stream of life and try to make your life the best you can and also you care enough to try to make all those who come into contact with you feel warm regards and caring concern.  I really do think you are an Angel & I love you! Merry

  14. In response to #11:

    Chelsea isn't silly; she is a wonderful girl, very mature.  A little levity now and then is great when things are tense.  It heals.  The cable man called back because he thought I didn't have brain surgery.  He thought the brain surgery was a joke.  Just like the answering machine message.  Levity.


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