Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spay Day USA, etc.


Good morning!  Today is Spay Day USA 2007... Do It For The Love!  Did you know that for every human birth in America, there are 15 dogs and 45 cats!  That is way too many for the number of available homes.  As you can see in my sidebar, I believe in spaying and neutering as well as adopting adult pets from your local shelters.  Right now there are approximately 8 million animals in shelters in this country and half will be euthanized this year... HALF!!  This breaks my heart!  Rips it apart for this animal lover.  Why do people get pets and not keep them?  Not take it seriously and just dump them back at a shelter?  Please don't do this.  When an animal is taken into your home it is needed the love and attention and protection so that it can live out a good, happy, and safe life!  Please consider visiting this site or any other sites on my sidebar and seeing if you can help.  Thanks, my friends!


I had a lot of fun reading the anagrams from "Wordplay" last week.  Angela
kindly sent me an anagram site that I thought was even better than the one I sent you all to.   Thanks, Ang!

Would you like to have someone say something nice to you anytime you would like?  Are you having a bad day or would you just want to hear something affirmative and swell?  Go here
and have this wonderful lady say anything to you that you would like!

I hope everyone is safe and warm and well!   Hugs! xox

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Wordplay" #41!...

Hi everyone and a good Tuesday to you all!  It has been glorious having Josiah across the street!  Chelsea and Desi are almost completely settled in and Chelsea's flu is almost gone.  She just has a hoarse voice.  I have babysat Josiah twice the past two weeks.  He has the sweetest disposition.  He was a little cranky the first time because he had a runny nose and was teething, but he was still a little darling.  I think he remembers me from my visit to Florida.  When I sing to him he seems to recall the songs.   Maybe it is a Grammy's wish, though.  I sang to him on the phone over the past five months, too, so he could keep hearing my voice.  Chelsea is feeling quite a bit tired and very nauseous with this second pregnancy.  She is very fatigued.  Poor thing.  I was quite a bit sicker with my second pregnancy, too.  I told her to hang on until the sixth month and she will feel a lot better.  I do hope she has a girl this time.  I want to buy dresses!  Of course, I will take either sex!  So, I have a "Wordplay" for you all today and now on with it...


This one is fun!  It takes no thought and you can play with it for awhile!  I found a site called
Anagram Genius.  The definition for an anagram is, "A word or phrase made up by transposing the letters of another word or phrase."  You can insert your name or any other words you would like and find an anagram for them at this site.  According to Anagram Genius, an anagram for George Bush is "He hugs Gore".  LOL  I think that's great!   Visit this site and insert your name, or anything else you would like, and let us know what you come up with in the comments sectionIf you don't want us to know what your real name is, how about just giving us the anagram of your name and leaving out your real name in the comments name, or you could enter your screen name. If you do this as an entry in your journal, please come back and leave a full entry URL so that we can all go back and read your entry.  Thanks for playing and I hope you had fun!

My full name "Valerie Maire Fisher" came up as "hear if smearier evil". 
The anagram of "Valerie Fisher" was "safe, evil hirer". 
For fun I entered,  "Grammy to Josiah" and got "Joy! I am smart hog."

My daughter's anagram is, "Sincere hen appeal.", oh, I LOVE that!  LOL
My son's was, "Tape worthier apeman."
The craziest one I came up with was my mom's, "Joy! Harasser of barbarism."

What did you come up withPlease let us know in the comments section!  Thanks for playing!  I hope everyone is having a good week!  Hugs to you all! xox

Monday, February 19, 2007

Photo Scavenger Hunt #104 Participants... pets!...

Photo Scavenger Hunt #104

my pet or pets

This week is such a happy hunt!  The following journals showcased the furry members of their family:


     Linda's World

     Mark's Daily Journal

     My Hugs Journal

     There is a Season

     Sassy's EYE

     A Little Left of Center

     Footprints in the Sand

     Country Living Southern Style

     Welcome to My Travels

     Adventures of an Eclectic Mind

Didn't they make you smile the biggest smile?!!  For this week's subject, please visit Krissy at Sometimes I Think
.  She should be posting it very shortly.  Thanks for stopping by and viewing and to all who participated!  Wooof... meeeooowww... xox

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My pets...

The subject for this week's Photo Scavenger Hunt with Krissy is "my pet or pets".  You all have seen photos of my kitty cats before.  I talk about them a lot, don't I?  Ah, I am owned by cats.   My cats are little souls running around my home that add life and humor and love.  Unfortunately, I don't have any updated photos of Honey and Baby because I still can't upload pictures to my computer.  I have been working on this for a year!  Help!  LOL  I wanted to participate, though, and hope you enjoy these older photos.  Maybe I can add some information, too, that I have never told you all before.

The first photo is Honey.  Honey's original name was Joy Faith.  She was an outdoor, stray cat that stayed with her Mama until she was four months old.  She was the runt of the litter and was pampered by their Mama.  Here she is behind the rocking chair in my living room where she greets me every time I enter my home...


I found Honey in an advertisement in a newspaper.  I was very ready to get a cat as I was pretty lonely living alone in an apartment.  I prayed to find just the right cat.  Honey was so, so sweet and full of antics and love!  She stole my heart!  Her name went from Joy to Joy-Joy then to Honey-Honey and finally just to Honey.  Here she is on one of her favorite spots, warm laundry just after it is folded...


And her other favorite warm spot is in the window...


Honey is so sweet.  She is a laid-back cat.  She communicates her needs very well.  She was my shadow until Baby came into the picture.  Now Baby is my shadow.

Here is Baby as a kitten...


Baby was abandoned by his Mama around two weeks old.  His given name was JoJo by my neighbor who took him in.  She named him after the fellow who found him.  His name was Joe and he was on a crew outside working where the Mama cat had dropped Baby off.  She was very smart and abandoned him where people were working so he would be found!  My neighbor dropper-fed JoJo then bottle-fed him.  She took him to work and held him in a sling next to her body for warmth so he would survive because he was so tiny.  When I received him it was over a month later after she got him.  See how tiny he still is!  She couldn't keep him because she grew allergic to him.  It was so sad.


I found I was calling JoJo "The Baby" or just "Baby".  It was just natural.  Then his name just turned into Baby.  For a year or more we called him this.  He has been rough and tough and tumble and a moose.  No one has ever been able to pet him or hold him with any regularity.  He really is un-adoptable.  The only time he is really sweet and when you can touch him is when he is falling asleep.  He sucks his toes and kneads the bed.  He likes to sleep with me.  Sometimes he likes to sleep on his back.


He has grown to 22 pounds by two years old and is now called Boo.  For some reason I just call him that.  These two pictures were taken around 18 months old.  He has grown larger.  I know no other larger/heavier cat except my sister's cat, Michael.  Here is Michael.  I will show you him as Krissy does not have time to post this week.  She is very busy.  I hope you don't mind, Krissy =).


Isn't he lovely?!!  He is so sweet.  Krissy got Michael from a pet shop.  He was very sick.  She and John nursed him back to health.  They saved his life, really.  He's a Maine Coon and is very clever.  He loves his Aunt Valerie.  I hope you enjoyed the cats and cat stories!

If you have any pets come join in the photo hunt!!  We would love to see them!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Photo Scavenger Hunt #104 subject...

Krissy is having a very, very busy week and has asked me to help her with this week's Photo Scavenger Hunt.  We have had few players the past two weeks (only a total of five) and have decided to pick an easy, fun subject that almost everyone can participate in!  We hope you all are as excited about this subject as we are!


Photo Scavenger Hunt #104 will be due on Sunday, February 18, at 11:00 PM EST.

Our subject this week will be: 
my pet or pets

We are very, very excited to see your furry, winged or scaled creatures (or do you have a pet rock?)!   Please put your full entry URL in the comments section by the deadline.  We are very excited about this hunt and can't wait to see all of the submissions!  Thanks!

Photo Hunt #103 Participants...

There were only two submissions for this week's Photo Scavenger Hunt with Krissy.  I hope you take the time to view these two as they are heartfelt.  Thanks to the two journalers, Mandy and Linda!!  Please visit Krissy today for this week's Photo Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt #103

subject: "
hearts, love, my Valentine"

These two journals participated in this week's hunt.  Thanks so much for participating!

My Hugs Journal

     Footprints in the Sand

Don't forget to stop by Krissy's place
and see what the subject is for next week!

Have a good week! xox

Amended:  I went to Krissy's place this morning and she said she will be too busy to run The Scavenger Hunt this week.  I will be talking to her today or tomorrow to see if she will want me to run it.  DO NOT go to her place to find the subject.  If there IS one, it will be in MY journal.  Sorry for the confusion!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Wordplay"#40 colors, etc.

Good Saturday journal buddies!  I wanted to thank everyone for their concern over my health issues and wanted to let you all know that I am feeling much better!  So, thank you all, very, very much for your well wishes and concerns!

I noticed while going through all of the colors and their descriptive words for "Wordplay" the past week, I was feeling very good!  It gave me a big smile to read each one!  They made me happy!  They gave me nice, warm feelings and empowering feelings!  Neat!  So, here are the colors in no particular order from no particular person with their descriptions...

- Spring, warmth, growth, life

- passion, royalty, Godliness, spirituality, wisdom, irises, lilacs, soothing,
               calming, in sunsets, ripe plums and grapes.  Makes me feel pretty when I
               wear it.

bright sparkly pink
- perky, fun, girly, pretty, spunky, not quiet, sweet,
                                         yummy, hot

- grounded, deep, rich, strong, clean

- purity, angelic, Divine light, glowing

- peace, tranquility, happiness, calmness, centeredness

- bright, sun, intense, joy, radiant

- calming, peaceful

- life, creativity, brilliance, energy, spunk, power, happiness, passion, love,

lavender - creates wonderful or frightening emotions.  Ultra-violet ray
                                closest to earth.

That was fun, wasn't it!!?!  I had fun looking at the colors!  Colors are very, very special to me!  In fact, one of my dreams in my life is to have a home of my own that I can decorate and NOT be afraid to use color.  I want to have a red room and blue room and green room and paint all the pictures on the walls!!  I guess I need to play the lottery! LOL

I wanted to remind everyone that the deadline for Krissy's Photo Scavenger Hunt
is tomorrow night.  I haven't gotten any submissions yet.  Go get that camera out you guys!!

Take care and keep warm!! xox

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Photo Scavenger Hunt #102 Participants...

I am posting the entries for the last Photo Scavenger Hunt for Krissy.  She called me last night and asked me to post them today, so I am happily obliging.  There are only three, but they are good!  Please check them out!

Photo Scavenger Hunt #102

subject: New (i.e. new clothes, new car, new shoes, new presents, New Year, etc.). 

Thanks to these journals that participated:

     Tammy's Scavenger Hunt Journal

     Footprints in the Sand

     Throw Me A Bone

Next week's subject has been posted below
if you would like to play!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Some news!, Journal Tournament IV...

Jeepers, it's so cold here that they closed schools.  The wind chill has been hitting as low as 50 below during the night.  Brrrrrrr.... It is only 7 degrees right now.

Chelsea called me an hour ago with some news.  I haven't told anyone yet except my boyfriend.  She is having another baby.  She found out yesterday.  She told me I could tell everyone.  She has always wanted two or three children.  I had two children close together.  The only concern I have for her is financial.  Don't we all have financial concerns?  It is so hard for young ones to make it these days.  She is a very good mother - an excellent one.  She has much more confidence than I ever did at her age.  Desi is a great father, too.  I just pray that they can hold themselves together as a couple through the years.  It isn't easy to be a single mom with two kids.  I was one so I know.  I talked to her about this.  Well, she knows.  She remembers some.  CONGRATULATIONS, Chels and Desi... are you going to give me that little girl with curls?  LOL  See you guys in a week!!!

I want to send all of you to Kellen's Journal Tournament Page
.  He is taking submissions for players for the next Tournament.  The game is a blast and you always learn new facts that are very interesting!!  You meet new journalers, too, at The Journaler's Ball!  So run, go, hurry and sign up!!  You can win a logo for your journal!!

I found a site
this morning that has all the commercials of yesterday's Superbowl.  I don't watch the Super Bowl game because I don't really enjoy football, but I sometimes do put it on and just watch the commercials.  Now, with the internet, we can have all the commercials at one spot without having to watch the game!  Neat!  Go check them out!

Stay warm everyone and God bless! xox

Photo Scavenger Hunt...

I'm running Krissy's Photo Scavenger Hunt this week because she and John will be away for three days at Hershey.  John is getting medical tests and blood.  Please keep them in your prayers!  Thanks!


Photo Scavenger Hunt #103 will be due on Sunday, February 11, at 11:00 PM EST.

Our subject this week will be: "
hearts, love, my Valentine"

You can interpret this any way you would like!  Please place links to your entry submissions in the comments section below, including your full entry URL.  Thanks for participating and have fun!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

"Wordplay" #39, etc...

Good morning all my journal pals!  I have had a hard weekend.  I have been hurting a lot with fibromyalgia pain.  It has been the worst pain I have had in over a year.  Weather changes bring on pain for me.  We have had severe drops in temperature and strong winds in my area and that always does a number on me.  I have weird skin pain on my legs that hurts down to the bone that feels like a sunburn.  It's a nerve pain thing.  Nerve pain is always worse than muscle pain and is harder to treat.  So I have been slow moving and haven't accomplished very much.  Enough whining for me.  Chelsea, Desi and the baby will be leaving this Saturday!!!  They are actually coming!!  I am so excited!!  Josiah was sick all last week with a chest cold and asthma.  Poor thing.  He inherited asthma from his Grandma.  He was doing better when I called Saturday night.  I called to make sure everyone in the family was okay after I heard about all the tornadoes that hit Florida.  Wow, what damage.  My kids and their families are fine.  They were only 20 miles from the damage.  Scary.  My heart and prayers go out to all who were affected by the devastation.


I am doing a "Wordplay" that comes from John, my sister Krissy's
husband.  He wanted to know what is your favorite color and what word or words remind you of that color?  Please answer this in the comments section.  If you would like to do this in your own journal, please come back and leave a full URL address so that we can all read it.

My answer:  My favorite color can change daily, but for today, I will pick
blue and red.  I know, I am cheating and picking two colors, because it is hard for me to pick just one today.  Blue reminds me of tranquility, calmness and centeredness.  It makes me happyRed reminds me of passion, energy, love, and beauty.  I really enjoy looking at red.  I think it is a beautiful color.  What about you What is/are your favorite color/colors and how do you describe them?

I will be posting everyone's favorite colors and their descriptive words in a few days or a week or so.  Thanks for playing!!

Hope everyone is having a good Super Bowl Sunday!!  xox