Monday, August 11, 2008

"Weekly Sentence" #25!...

Good morning "Weekly Sentence" players!  This game has lasted 25 weeks!  Happy 25th Anniversary to all of you who play and enjoy this game!!  You have made it successful and I really appreciate it!  I am having tons of fun with this game!  I know the judges have a great time reading the entries, too.  Speaking of the judges, I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.  I know they have worked so hard.  It isn't easy picking from 15 or 20 sentences or more!  Thanks, my judges, you mean ALOT and YOU ROCK!!!  Now on to the six new letters.  Before proceeding I would like to congratulate last week's winner, Jan of Gryphondear's Word of the Day.  Lastly, submissions will be due on Friday (not Thursday) at 4 PM EDT, since I am posting a day late.

This week's six new letters will follow the rules below. 
Please read the rules if you never have.  Have fun with the letters!!


Each Sunday I post a set of six letters.  A sentence must be
      made from these letters.  The letters today are:

      An example of a sentence could be - 
Don't wade close to
      hungry sharks. 
These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

There is a three - five persons judge panel (of JLand journalers)
      who choose the best sentence or two submitted each week.  How
      do they choose winning sentence(s)?  The submission(s) that
      receives the strongest reactions -  Did it make them laugh, sad,
      ponder, etc.?

The winner(s) receives a logo for his/her blog sidebar with their
      screen name on it.

  Place submissions in comments section.  If you do this game as an
      entry in your blog, please come back and leave your ENTIRE
      entry URL so your entry can be judged. 
Submissions are due by
Thursday, 4PM EDT. The winner is announced Friday morning
      or early afternoon.

A new set of letters is placed in my journal, There is a Season,
       every Sunday morning or early afternoon.

*   If you submit more than one sentence, only your first sentence
will be judged.

      Have fun!!

This Week's Letters:

Thanks for playing!!
  Have a good rest of the day!  Val =)

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  1. Happy 25th!  I read the results yesterday. My little attempt did not appear there under the list of participants, never mind. I will give it some thought and see if I can come up with anything for this week.

  2. Happy 25th sentence!!! that's awesome Val!!!

    Here's mine:

    Delightfully whimsical corgis tirelessly herded sheep.


  3. For those who know Sherlock Holmes:-

    Dr. Watson caught the hound slavering.

  4.                     "Dean won't come to Helen's soiree"

    Linda in Washington state

  5. Dandelions will cause the homeowner stress.

    Krissy :)

  6. ooooooooooo my head is reeling with answers for these letters but since I can use only one, here it is.  BTW I would vote for yours lol.

    Dissect with care thy heavenly spirit.

  7. Drive with care through hale storms.
    Happy 25th too!! so much fun, don't stop!

  8. Happy 25th!!!

  9. Here's mine:  Don't walk close to high schools!  Blessings and love, Penny

  10. Here's mine
    Do what Connie told her sweetly.


  11. Donald, we call tourists "Heavy Spenders."

  12. Dachshunds will chew the hard Schnitzelbank . . .

  13. DWCTHS

    Don wanted Christine to have Swiffers!

    thanks as always,


  14. dear white cat tears heart strings

  15. Doomed warriors chased the Huns southward.  CATHY


  16. Doctor with cash try high spending.


  17. I accidently made my entry for this contest in the wrong journal entry.  I made it before 4pm though.  I'm sorry I missed putting it in here.  I hope it had a chance.  

    Private Journal

  18. from nelishianatl (was in on time) found in above entry:
    Do we teach compassion hating somebody?


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