Friday, August 15, 2008

Something from my heart, a reminder...

"Don’t mind criticism.  If it is untrue, disregard it; if unfair,
keep from irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; if it is justified it is not
criticism, learn from it."
– author unknown

A very dear person sent me the above quote.  It is chock-full of wisdom.  I think our normal instinct, when we feel we are being attacked, is to strike back immediately.  When we strike back, especially on our blog, or in an email, we can never, ever take it back.  You can delete the entry in a blog, but the words are forever written and can be found by doing a search.  Please think before you write an entry or a comment.  Also, listen with your heart before you get upset.  The person may not have attacked you at all.  What was their intention?  It may have been another message entirely.  Most of us are civilized humans who don't want to hurt one another.  Most of us.  Please think.

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I have been updating my other journal, Joy In The Rain, almost daily, if you want a happy place to visit.  It if filled with jokes and fun and inspirational quotes.

I didn't mean to sound like a sermon above, I am not one to bring others down.  I have vowed to make this journal a place that is ONLY positive.  I just know that there are two sides to ever story - always.  Ask questions!  Sometimes we see things darkly.   Sometimes very darkly.  I always try to remember that the other person always thinks they are right, too.  Attacking the other person does nothing but hurt.  And it can hurt terribly.  I am saddened, so saddened by the anger, hate, and jealousy that I have seen in entries being passed off as "enlightenment".  We have our own minds.  We don't need to blindly agree with others vile-ness and anger because it appears to be in a pretty package.  Others can write anything they please, yes, but ignorance (by choosing not to ask questions) and hate gets us nowhere except hurting others feelings.


  1. Hi Val!!!  I'm not new to journals but I am new to comments.  I suppose it was the shy side of me showing it's ugly head.  I'm so impressed with your courage and your ability to write about it!  Hope you're day is a good one.  :) N.

  2. Once something is written, it stays forever and yes you are correct when you say we should stop and think twice before we type! We aren't meant to agree with everything as we are all independent thinkers,but we do owe each other our own thoughts and like my mom used to say, if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.

  3. I've been hurt many times here in J-Land but I don't think I've ever written someone a snappy comment.  I've received a few and in private emails too.  

    My entry:

    Do we teach compassion hating somebody?

    Private Journal

  4. The above quote is a very wise one. You are so right about ALL you said:)....alice

  5. wise words you wrote, Val;that was a great quote to remember!


  6. Very wise words, Valerie.  Thanks for sharing this.  We in Jland must always be cognizant that what we write or do could hurt another.  Let's choose not to hurt one another.    

    Krissy :)  

  7. Very well said!

  8. So very true; and ties in with what I've always said, to some folks they are MUCH MORE than just "words on the screen".

    Excellent thoughts here, as always.

  9. Val, As usual you are wise beyond your years.  Well, you are just plain smart, anyway. But often people do not use their God-given brains and smarts.  You are truly intelliigent and you should write more! You are wonderful at it. you are an inspiration to me and many others I am sure, too!  Bravo, on this entry!  Your Christian beleifs echo throughout this.  Despite the fact that you are much younger than me, you are my inspiration and my mentor.  Shoot for the Moon, Val!  Love, Merry

  10. Good stuff Val, as usual.  A hard lesson for some to learn who feel they have a right to criticize others, no matter how harshly, with sarcasm and scorn.  I'm very glad you posted this.                  DB


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