Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Weekend Assignment

Weekend Assignment #37: We all know what our best personal quality is. What's your second-best personal quality?

Extra Credit: Note a personal quality you wish you had more of.

I was wondering if I would ever get to this week's weekend assignment.  It seemed like a tough one.  John says that we all know what our best personal quality is.  We do???  I had to think for a few days on this.  I asked my daughter.  I asked my sister, Krissy.  I was introspective.  I don't think too much about myself as I told everyone in past posts.  I focus on others.  Well, I was determined to do this assignment as I thought I would learn more about myself.

When I asked Chelsea what she thought my best trait was she said immediately without thinking, "You appreciate life."

"Wow, I thought, that is a BIG compliment!"

I then talked to my sister, Krissy this morning and asked her what she thought my best trait was and she said without hesitation, "You have joy.  You enjoy small things."

So, they both came up with this as my first trait.  I kept thinking to myself, "Why do I have this appreciation for life as they say?", "Why do I enjoy small things?", "Why do I have joy?", "And why does Chelsea like to calm me down sometimes when I am acting what I like to call child-like?"

I do appreciate life.  I do enjoy small things and I do have joy.  This is not my first trait, though, this is my second best trait, and I am very proud of it!!  I laugh at jokes louder than others.  I stare at a sunset longer than most others do and I enjoy a pretty picture or a sad song and can cry from both.  So, I decided why this is my second trait by talking to Krissy.  It came from my strongest trait which I believe is tenacity and fortitude.  Courage.

We all have had our own pain.  We have all seen depths of despair.  It is how these depths have changed our outlook on life and have changed us for the better that matters.  I choose to have joy.  So, there you have it!  Tenacity first and joy second.  Thanks for reading today and choose joy!

Ooops, forgot the extra credit part...I just wish I didn't procrastinate so much :-)


  1. My first and second best qualities are PATIENCE!  I have learned that the wait is as good as the chase....I used to be soooo impatient.  The centered calmness I now have is especially beneficial to me as the holiday season unfolds.   Believe me, this life lesson was awfully hard to learn, so I was given as a gift, multiple exasperating life experiences to encounter.  My friends do comment  on my bliss!  Good question Val.

  2. my best quality is helping others, my second best is listening. I think what Chelsea said about you appreciating life is very true and you are very courageous as well :).........Jules xxx

  3. Well, I do not do these assignments but that seems a tough one.  Having hard a ponder I would think that my second-best quality is that I am a good listener and always try to offer good advice. xxxxx

  4. You are pure JOY. I can tell just by reading your journal.
    Angela : )

  5. What a wonderful assignment.  It's often hard for us to acknowledge our best quality, let alone second!  I've always felt your joy through your journal, it's why I like coming here. :-)


  6. Good answer, good answer!

  7. You are the greatest Val, you have a hundred best qualities! -Krissy

  8. Ummm, 2nd best quality?  
    Let me ask hubby...
    ...hubby says that I'm good at making tea, but I know he means that I'm a wonderful, caring person!!
    Joy, that's my favourite girlie's middle name :o)
    Sara   x

  9. I love this, Val!  Joy!  And you do have it .. . Blessings, Penny

  10. VERY good answers!  
    *I'm guilty of procrastinating too!  see it took me til Thursday to get here!


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