Saturday, December 4, 2004

Saturday Six


From Patrick's Place:

1. Think back to weddings you have attended (other than your own):  what was the nicest part of the one you liked the most?  I really liked everything about my sister, Grace's weddidng.  It was beautiful from start to finish..from the beautiful ceremony to the nice reception afterwards. Big,fancy weddings aren't for me and her's was just right...not too big and not too small and geared toward family and close friends.

2. What is your favorite color and which room of your home has the most of this color in it?  My favorite color actually changes from day to day, but it is usually in the blue and red families.  I usually like blues the most as they are calming.  I think that my living room has the most blues in it.  Interesting, because I probably spend the least amount of time in my living room.

3. What is your favorite kind of popcorn:
A) Unsalted
B) Buttered
C) Extra Butter
D) Kettle Corn
E) Caramel Corn

I know it is not a choice, but I prefer very lightly salted and very lightly buttered with a little bit of garlic powder and some other spices occasionally.  Sometimes I experiment with the spices. 

4. Take a little time (!!) for a quick inventory of the clocks in your home:  how many do you have and what is the widest difference between any two of them?  I am assuming we are talking about clocks on the wall and not alarm clocks and such.  I have four.  Three are set five minutes ahead of the real time (I try to trick myself as I am constantly running five minutes late getting out of the house..this clock trick works for me!)  One is not working and needs batteries. It is set and 6:45 until I buy batteries.

5. When was the last time you used a real rotary dial telephone to place a call?  I have no clue.  My memory is not this good :-o,

Shannon:  What is your favorite sport and why?  I don't really have a favorite sport to play unless ping-pong is a sport (really, I LOVE to play ping-pong!).  Bowling is fun, too, but I am not allowed to play it for health reasons anymore.  I like to watch college football sometimes and I always enjoy watching the Olympics when it is on TV.  My very favorite sport is a good walk in the woods or park.  That must be a sport, right?

Good day, everyone!


  1. Sheeeeeeeeeee wouldn't know wher to start!
    Thanks for the birthday thingie........

  2. Tee hee, I do that five minute fast thing with one of my clocks too - and my Dad always used to set the kitchen clock ten minutes fast, still was late for everything though!!  I can't choose a favourite wedding, mine was my favourite by far!!  I hired a huge barge, and we sailed down the canal, on a beautiful sunny day, with only family and close friends.  It was very relaxed, and so much fun.  Then in the evening we ended up in the pub, me still wearing my dress, eating chips and sandwiches!!
    Sara   x

  3. i always think the clock thing is so funny because you KNOW that it's 5 minutes ahead so it doesnt often trick you, does it? you think to yourself "well it's not REALLY 6:10 so I still have 5 more minutes!"  Elyz

  4. Umm garlic on popcorn. I might have to try that. I am sure my kids father would love that he loves anything with garlic in it. I think I am going to play too


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