Friday, December 10, 2004

Joke and Thanks!


I feel pretty silly today.  It has been raining for a few days and when the pressure gets this high in my head I do and say strange things.  So my mind is all over the place.  My words are all over the place.  I was trying to speak to my daughter earlier and my sentences were one or two word sentences.  They go like this:

"What time?"
"what time?
"you work?"


"wrote entry"
"um, you know"
"being asked"

Then she says, "I understand, Mommy."  She still calls me Mommy and she is 18!!  I just love that!  God bless her as she understands.  I finally got some coffee into me and it is a bit better so I am going to try and do this entry.  I chose the above joke to put in because it is a little twisted.  I am a little twisted in my humor sometimes.  It reminds me of a Far Side comic.  I loved the Far Side and am sad that it is not in syndication anymore.  I do love to find old Far Side books that I have never read.

So, I want to CONGRATULATE my sweet sister Krissy and her boyfriend John on their engagement!!  John asked Krissy to marry him last night!!  I am very excited about this as they have been dating for six or seven years!  How many years is it, Krissy?  Yay!  What a wonderful holiday gift for Krissy and for her TBADT who loves her so much!

I went Christmas shopping yesterday and got almost all of my shopping done.  I vow now to take Chelsea Christmas shopping every year.  I think I will take her shopping for birthday presents and presents for every occasion as well!  She is such a good, smart shopper!  She doesn't fret and she is such a thoughtful shopper!  She just decides and then the decision is done.  No mulling over it like I have done for years and years.  She puts some thought into it before she goes, too.  So Chelsea, thank you so, so much for a great mother-daughter Christmas shopping time!  It was great!!

I wanted to say a special hello and thank you to a special group of people who are out there....they read my journal faithfully, and for a reason that is their own and known to them, they almost never or do not comment.  So, to those people...I THANK YOU and want to let you know that you are very special to me!! I wanted to say hello to Roger, Cathy, Arielle, my father, mother, Shawn, Jennifer P., Kimmi, and Matt.  I am sorry if I left anyone out (but if you are left out I don't know you are reading my journal :-)) You are so very special to me and I wanted to say thank you!!!

Chelsea is wanting the computer so I am off to do some house-cleaning.  Be good to one another and pray for one another.  Good day, all!


  1. Sad as it sounds, sometimes I feel just like that Santa - lol!  Have a good day.  Blessings, Penny

  2. Val,
    Oh how I can sympathize with those one or two word answers. I get that pressure too.  I hope it goes away.  {{{{{{{{Val}}}}}}}}}}  It has been raining here as well.  My kids are big too and still call me Mommy.  I just love it.  I read about Krissy and John's engagement.  It's so wonderful!  Many Blessings for them... Love LuAnne

  3. So happy to hear Krissy's news :o)
    Congrats to the new sister in law!
    Sara   x

  4. I love the cartoon. Congratulations on gettin your Christmas shopping done and congratulations on your sisters engagement:) God Bless

  5. love the cartoon joke. I think Krissies news is brilliant. Well done on finishing your shopping :)...................Jules xx

  6. Great cartoon! Fits my sense of humor too. ;-)

  7. My kids are in their 30s. They still call me mommy.....When we are alone of course. LOL!
    Yes, happy about your sister's news too.
    My shopping is done....AMEN!

    God bless,

  8. Hi Val.  I was excited for Krissy too.  This will make her holiday even more special.  

    So glad you had some mother daughter shopping time.  Those days are special.  I remember doing some Christmas shopping with my Mom when I came home from college over the holidays.  We had a good time.  Mom had always done the shopping while I was in school.  

    Take Care.

  9. Val, it has been six and a half years since we have been dating!  Thank you for the congratulations!  BTW, I find that twisted little cartoon funny too, I have to admit!  I used to read the Farside myself, lol.  Sorry you are having bad head pressure.  The rain has really been getting to me too.  When is it supposed to let up??? -Krissy

  10. What excellent news about Krissy hu? Oh yeah she so deserves it. Love the cartoon... I've been getting very, VERY punchy as well lately... been smelling too much printer ink maybe.

    It's snowing and blowing here, a regular winter storm. Oh yeah baby.... can you say White Christmas... and cross country skiing!? Got my entry done for today so that's off my list. It turned out excellent, if I may say so myself. I hope all your readers will feel welcome to stop on by and partake. My gift to all my j-land neighbors.

    Take care my friend. HUGS AND ENERGY BLASTS to you.


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