Friday, December 31, 2004

Weekend Assignment and Happy New Year!

Weekend Assignmet #41: Make a new year's resolution... for your pet. If you have more than one pet, of course, feel free to make resolutions for any or all of them.

Extra Credit: Imagine what your pet would make as a resolution for you.


My resolution for JoJo (a.k.a. Baby) is that he will promise not to use me as a scratching post any longer.  He will promise to understand that I am NOT prey.  He will calm down and stop scratching and biting and drawing blood and turn into a good little kitty.  He will also stop growling every time I am eating and not attack me and climb up me as I eat.  Please be a good kitty in 2005, Baby!


My resolution for Honey is that she will get off the couch and come spend some time with me in my bed just every once in awhile.  I want her to be a bed kitty.  She never has been and I just want to have her come in my bed, say, twice a week.  That would be very nice!  So, she will promise this!

Their resolution for me will be that they will make me promise to cook them a chicken breast, their favorite food, once a week.  I promise to pull it off the bone and feed it to them in chunks.  They must keep their promises as well or no chicken, though!!

Happy New Year everyone and everyone's pets!!


  1. Put catnip on the scratching post, or better some of that British pudding.  Dadeo

  2. Happy New Year Val and Chelsea - and Baby and Honey!!
    Have no pets so I can't do this one, if I was making a resolution for hubby though (not that he's a pet, you know what I mean)  it would definately be to make his loving wife a cup of tea first thing in the morning, every day!!!
    Sara   x

  3. A very happy and healthy New Year Val & Chelsea.
    Love Sylvia

  4. Hope You and Chelsea have a peaceful & blessed new year!
    Hugs & blessings,

  5. I'd want my Toby to stop biting ALL the fur off his hind end!  He's gone from adorable to ... well, pathetic.  My own resolution would be to get him to the vet after the holidays so he can get treatment.  But, he would rather I set a plate at the dinner table for him EVERY night. :-)

    Happy New Year!

  6. These are wonderful resolutions for your pets. your cats are really beautiful. Have a Happy New year and God Bless You!

  7. Well, this is a cute assignment.  Tugie's resolution is to stop chasing the cats.  

  8. I like this one, not sure the pets will comply though!
    Abu can stop bringing baby birds home as presents for mum
    Shadow can stop cleaning his bits and bobs whilst we are in the middle of having food!
    Jules xxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Happy New Year Val. I hope things improve for both of us in the health department.  Thanking you for your continued prayers.  I have posted a site on my journal where you can light a candle for the victims of the Asian Earthquake. I am sure you would like to do so.  God bless you xxxxx

  10. I don't know if you pets will come through on the resolutions. LOL But it's worth a try.  JoJo is just adorable.

    Happy New Year, my friend,


  11. Uhm, yeah, lots of luck on those resolutions Val!  Especially trying to turn JoJo into a normal cat and not a monster, lol! Cute pics BTW.  Love, Sissy Krissy

  12. Just love these pet assignments! Just love following all these links from Scalzi's page!
    Adorable ADORABLE kitties!!

  13. Outstanding pictures! Good demands--umm, resolutions, also! - Karen

  14. Amazing how some cats are just a bit standoffish. One of the feline clan here has that temperament... yet every so often turns so needy one can't peel her away. Then it's like a rare gem to be savored and cherished. You could always try sprinkling some cat nip on the bed sheet or soak your pillowcase in fish oil.... umm a but desperate tho hu? Maybe work on JoJo and Honey might get jealous and follow suit. Best of luck and happy cooking for the felines.


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