Wednesday, December 15, 2004

And the winner is...

The first to guess  "Up Close With Val" correctly was the red-hat wearing :-) Penny from From Here to There.  She has a great recent entry if you want to go read it!  Penny gives me strength and friendship and I wanted to thank her for that today!!  The picture was a steak knife.  Most people guessed it correctly.  Great job everyone!  I have noticed that my first four entries for this photo challenge have all been food related.  What does that say about me??  LOL  My computer room is situated next too the kitchen! LOL  I should not eat at my computer, either! LOL

My two kitties are finally starting to get along.  JoJo has a fierce spirit and is afraid of nothing and turned the tables on Honey just a couple of days after he arrived here and was fighting and fussing with her.  It has quieted down here quite a bit, though, and for that I am very grateful.  I have affectionately named JoJo, "Baby".  It is much easier to say.  It rolls off the tongue.  So now my two kitties names are Honey and Baby.  Easy to say and so affectionate.  I know it is not creative, but I like their names and think they are sweet.  Actually, Honey's real name is Joy.  Too hard to say.  So their real names are Joy and JoJo.  They would be too confused by that.  Too many J's.  Baby is growing in just the past few days!  I forgot how quickly kitties grow!  He sleeps with me every night and I deserve a bed kitty :-)

My thoughts have been wandering a lot the past few days.  I have been losing memory and been a little slow in the head.  I get that way when I have flare-ups and I lose a little bit of time.  Now I have to get myself on track again.  I have a lot of housework to get done.  Does anyone want to come keep me company while I clean my tornado-stricken house?  Ugh.  When I do try to clean I have a baby kitty thinking I am playing with him :-o It takes twice as long.  Too funny!!

Take care all and have a good day!!


  1. I'm sorry you have been having flare ups...Well it get better?

    donna In TEXAS

  2. You kitties sound adorable and I love the choice of names. Hope you get your house sorted out, but do not overdo things.  Like the sound of a bed kitty.  God bless you xxxxx

  3. I'm always affectionately re-naming people!  Jason is now known as Jelly in my house!!  Don't ask, haven't a clue, just happened!  It will be something else in a few weeks ;o)  I'll keep you company while you clean, though would probably just get in your way, playing with baby, making a mess everywhere!!  And then there's the flight over, you'd have finished by the time I got there!  
    Sara   x

  4. I would love some kittens as I love cats so much. Enjoy them and post some pics for us :).........Jules xxx

  5. Hi Val.  Those pet names usually emerge on their own, don't they?  Tugie the Toy P was really "Sandy" b/c she is the color of a sandy beach.  But......I kept calling her sugar (sugie), only in a baby voice, and it came out "tugie".  I called her that so much that she learned that as her name.  We registered her as Katy's Sandy Tugie.  (Katy is the PreTeen!)  I added "Tugie" to the papers real quick before sending the papers in!!!  The vet still calls her Sandy - LOL!

  6. I would come over and help but the car hasn't gone to the shop yet Val. Hope you feel a little bit better soon.  Love, TBADT Krissy

  7. I would love to come and help you clean up. It's always more fun to clean someone else's house than your own. : )

  8. Val,
    Let's just forget about our tornado stricken homes and go get some coffee. Seems you and I are flaring together.  Sort of in the same way too.  More in email.  Love LuAnne

  9. If your kittys are anything like mine, close the bathroom door when you go out! I keep coming home to find my house covered in shredded toilet paper! Its very frustrating. They used to fight alot when we first had them, but they are the best of friends now, and they both have very different personalties! Lollipop is naughty and can't stay still. She just causes trouble all the time. Vindaloo is more quiet and affectionate and she sleeps loads! I love my kittys!
    Take care Val,
    Becci. xxx


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