Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"Up Close With Val"

I wanted to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dear Elyzabeth who is a wonderful gal!  Go give her a visit if you can and wish her a very happy birthday!!

I have another picture for "Up Close With Val".  Every time I choose a picture I think it it too easy and I think every one will guess it.  Perhaps it is because I have taken the picture and have played with it and know what it looks like as a whole object.  At any rate, I think this one is easy.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but have fun with it anyway!!  If you want to guess what it is, put your guess in the comment section or send me an email (if you don't want others to know your guess).  I will send you an email if you are right and post the first correct guesser in my journal.

Here it is:


Please forgive me if it is taking me awhile to get to your journals the last few days.  I am slow coming to read and slow commenting.  I am having a flare-up of my illnesses and am having some difficult days.  Hopefully the next few days will be better.  I am sure it is the the weather.  Take care and have a good day all!


  1. Looks like a steak knife to me!  Penny

  2. Hi Val! I'll stop by and wish Elyzabeth some happy birthday blessings shortly...
    I "think" this weeks up close with Val,  is a picture of a can or bottle opener ;-)
    Hope you feel better soon! My sinuses have been acting up something horrid!  I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
    HUgs & Blessings,

  3. Hmmm, looks like a knife to me too!
    'Course I really should go say that in her journal, not yours ;o)
    Hope you feel better real soon hon.
    Sara   x

  4. some kind of knife...I'll say bread knife...

    was it journal chat day today??? I went in the room quickly but it was empty...I wasnt really sure anyway.

    hope you are ok, love Amy xx

  5. Feel better soon dear friend. Hope you will vote for Nathan.  Please see my entry and all will be revealed. xxxxx  Not sure what your picture is lol

  6. Sorry you've been having bouts there, I know how that goes.  I pray they become less and less for you.  Take care.


  7. Is it a knife?  Where the blade meets the handle?  
    it's something stainless!

  8. Looklike a table knife to me.
    Thanks for visiting my site and kind comments about my work station.

  9. yes I would have to say it is a knife also. I pray and hope you get to feeling better. God Bless you

  10. It says "China" so it can't be a dog tag! I dunno! LOL!

  11. It's a thingamabob! -Krissy

  12. I have a serrated knife that looks just like this one! I think... LOL Hope you are feeling better soon!


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