Monday, December 20, 2004

It's Cold...Snowman and Christmas Tree


A friend sent me this funny snowman graphic and I thought it was hilarious!  I have felt as cold as this snowman this past day or so.  It has been blustery cold here.  When I went to bed last night my heat didn't kick on and I was unable to fall asleep.  I did not know if I was out of oil or if the thermostat was broken.  I thought perhaps the thermostat was broken because I put in oil just three or four weeks ago (or was it even less than that?).  I was going to get oil again in January.  I thought I had plenty of time left before I needed to put some in again.  I didn't.  It was 30 below wind chill factor last night.  Both of the kitties were fighting to sleep in the bed with me, but refused to share.  So I had kitties who were pacing all night and I was frozen and unbable to sleep.  I did have one space heater, but it didn't do much.  I was able to get oil, thank goodness, first thing in the morning, though.  I am pretty upset that the landlord has not fixed the hole in my kitchen ceiling and I have talked to the inspector of housing to get it moving along.  I believe I am losing too much heat from this problem.  So it should be fixed in days or weeks...not months.  It has been there since July!!!

I got a live Christmas tree today!!!...the first live one I have gotten in my life!!!  Chelsea and I decorated it with the help of Krissy and John .  We had a really good time.  It reminded me of the times I would decorate Christmas trees in my childhood.  Those are very, very fond memories for me!  We always had artificial trees, but they were so beautiful and magical to me!  I remember sitting and staring at our tree many Christmases and being in awe of it.  I can remember many of the ornaments in detail. 

Chelsea and I were talking the other day about Santa Claus and I told her that when she was a tiny tot to almost six years-old she did not believe in Santa Claus.  Those were the years she lived with me and not her dad.  She was astounded by this.  I don't know how her dad got her to believe in Santa Claus after six years of not believing in him.  Interesting.  I had decided not to tell my kids that there was a Santa or Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, etc. as I was never told there were any of these in my childhood and Chrismas and Easter were all very magical and wonderful still!  I don't think it ruined my holidays one tiny bit.  I also taught my kids that Christmas was Jesus' birthday and we made a cake for Him and set a place for Him at the table.  Those traditions are now gone.  Chelsea and I are going to make a cake this Christmas for Jesus!  Yay!  And we will set a place for Him at the table!  So, Chelsea said that I WILL tell her children (or my granchildren) that there is a Santa Claus!!  Hmm...what a dilemma!

Take care all and stay warm!!


  1. OMG Val No heat........... I would have been frozen and flaring by now. We do keep the  heat down low these days because the cost of fuel prices are so high but when its bitter cold it goes on.  Our house is not really insulated well.  I keep a sweater and heavy socks on with my slippers.  Especially with my Raynaud's Syndrome.  My fingers and toes numb up.  I hope your kitchen ceiling hole gets fixed quickly.  All the heat flies out of there.  

    I wanted a real tree this year too.  It just wasn't feasible with all that is going on.  But it looks so pretty.  Your's sounds so beautiful.  Send pictures!!!!  

    A cake for Jesus, wow I never thought about that.  I was reading about that today somewhere too.  It appears that is an Italian Christmas Eve tradition.  Setting a place for Him...... Have a wonderful holiday...... Merry Christmas........ Love LuAnne

  2. Thanks for allowing me to partake in your tree decorating day Val! -Love, Krissy

  3. One of the benefits of having a tiny home - It stays cosy and warm!
    Glad you managed to get oil first thing, can't have you freezing can we :o)
    Does your house smell like Christmas now, with the real Christmas tree?  I love that smell, that's what I miss most about not having a real tree.  Take care and keep warm!
    Sara   x

  4. What a horrible night being cold like that!!! It is disgusting about the hole in your ceiling, you need to get something done.  We do not get temperatures as low as yours over here.  I hope you get wonderful pleasure from your tree.  A lovely entry Val. xxxx

  5. It has been very cold here for the last few days, but we only got a few snow flurries. It sounds a lot colder there! Our temps have fell to 20 degrees at night, and the furnace has worked overtime. I love the idea of setting a place for Jesus at the table, afterall Christmas is the celebration of his birth. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  6. At our church, on Christmas Day's children's mass, the priest has the large statue of Jesus in a manger carried in by some teenagers and a birthday cake with candles carried in too. All the kids sing, happy birthday to Jesus at the end of mass and have birthday cake. : )


  7. What a neat idea to bake a cake for Jesus and set it at the table.  He's there.  He really is.  And he may not eat it in the flesh, but I'm sure he will in the spirit!
    I love the snowman graphic.

  8. Sounds like you had a very nice time.

    I really love the graphic.  That is just too cute.


  9. I am pleased you are having a lovely time and lots of fun. The graphic is brilliant, I love it ...........Jules xxxxxxxxxx

  10. what a wonder idea, to bake a cake for Jesus!He is after all, The reason for the season. Sounds like you had lots of fun decorating the tree ;-)
    Hugs & Blessings,

  11. I love the graphic, Val!  It's just how I feel this time of year!  I'm glad you are baking the cake again this year.  What a wonderful memory.  Blessings to you and Chelsea.  Penny

  12. Love the graphic and wish now I had a rea,l tree.  The smell of pine in the house is one of my childhood memories.

  13. Oh what a cute graphic and I feel for the snowman, as I'm the same. UGH.



  14. This is, for sure, a case of "you didn't know what you were missing". LOL We had both the magic of Santa and the mystery of Jesus in our Christmas celebration every year. I plan to continue the tradition with Tyler. The Easter Bunny always hid our baskets around the house somewhere and also hid eggs outside. The toothfairy always left us a shiny silver dollar for our teeth under our pillow. It was such a magical time. Anything was possible. I miss that. :-)

  15. That picture is so cute!!!!  Have a merry Christmas sweetie!!


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