Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly Sentence #4 winners...

The Weekly Sentence game was a hit again with so many fabulous sentences!  You guys are making it what it is and I thank you for that!  The sentences were perhaps the best so far!   The judges and I had a blast reading them and they really had a hard time choosing.  Thanks again for playing!!

We had two winners this week.  Congratulations to!!:

   Shelly from Did I say that?

To produce income we invariably serve.

   and Pam from Almost 40!

    The prince's inappropriate winking infuriated servants.

Here are your Awards, ladies.  Right-click and save as j.peg.  Again, congratulations!!!


Below is a list of the sentences submitted this week.  I want to thank each and every one of you for participating.  They were great!!

Twisted pasta is wonderful in sauce.  (kaydeejay5449)
  Trained poodle is woofing its song. 
  They put idiot weasels in space. 
  The people in Wichita irritate Sebelius. 
  Time's passage incites wisdom's inner sojourn. 
  Tom plays innocent when I scream.
  The purple insect walked increasingly slower.
  The politician is withholding something.
  The pride is with in self.
  The princess insists wishing is silly.
  Technological progress is wilting individual style. 
  True power increases with introspective silence. 
  Thundercloud, proud Indian warrior is stealthy.
  The person I want is sultry. 
  Television pleased Ivan with interesting scenes. 
  Terrible parrots interview women in skirts. 
  The parrot is wisely instructing Sally. 
  The picture is white is snow. 
  The pig is wallowing in slop. 
  Tricky Pirate insidiously works in ships. 
  There's peace in walking in sand. 
  The person in white is Sunnybethe. 
  The people in Wisconsin ingest snow. 
  Troubled people improve with inspirational spirituality. 
  There Patty is with Ian standing!  (littlelady1699)

Thanks again for playing, you all!  I will be posting six new letters Saturday morning for your word-play delight!

On one last note, my boyfriend is doing well.  Thanks so much for your prayers!!  He is resting fine and has more energy than I have seen him have in months.  He must have been sick for quite awhile.  Take care, all, and have a good weekend!  Hugs =)!  xox


  1. LOL...too cool!!!  thanks for picking my sentence and thanks for my award!!  Congrats to Pam and well done to all the other participants!!  : )  Shelly

  2. Great sentences Val!  And I am so glad John2 is feeling better.

    Krissy :)

  3. Those were all so great!! I didnt want to look at other comments before putting mine in as I then only think of those and can't come up with my own lol.

    Great job.

    And I'm glad your boyfriend is doing better.. prayers work!


  4. I loved them all -some very thought provoking....
    Glad BF is on the mend..
    Can't wait to play agin,LOL

  5. Oh these are all so gooood! ;)  C.

  6. These were all so good!  You picked two good ones for the winner and runner-up.  I keep forgetting to do these!

  7. Oh My! lol. I just Loveeee this game!! Congrats to Shelly. Thank You so much. It has happened just at the right time. I was needing cheered up and this has certainly put a smile on my face, so Thank You I am glad you liked It! A bit naughty, but nice!! lol. So pleased to hear your bf Is doing well. Love Pam xx

  8. Congratulations to both Shelly and Pam!  Those were great! :-)

  9. Very clever!  Congrats Shelly, Pam!   CATHY

  10. love 'em all...  congrats to all.  I need to get on the ball!

  11. There were alot of good Sentences!  How do you choose! lol  

  12. congrats to the winners! lots of people played and such clever sentences!!! It must be hard to come up with the winners

    looking forward to playing next week's now that I took the plunge and did this week's

    glad your boyfriend is feeling better :)


  13. This was more difficult than I thought!  My answers are at:  
    Hope I didn't shock or offend you too much!  


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