Friday, February 22, 2008

update, winner of Weekly Sentence #3!...

Hi my  journal friends!  I wanted to thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers concerning my boyfriend and Krissy.  My boyfriend is still in the hospital.  They drained the fluid around his heart.  They had to open him up because most of the fluid was behind the heart.  They still don't know what caused the fluid build-up.  They think it's an infection, but don't know what kind yet.  Hopefully he will be home in a few days if they can make sure that the infection is under control.  Again, thanks so much.  Krissy is still pretty sick.  She has to take it easy for a month.

I have the winner of the "Weekly Sentence" #3.  I want to congratulate Donna of LadyMagnolia's Daily Blog
!!  Here is Donna's sentence:

Some leprechauns eat polished candy dots.

Here is your Award Donna.  Right-click the Award and save as j.peg.


Below are the sentences that were submitted.  They were great!  Hope you have fun reading them!!  I am having a ball with this game as are the judges!!

  Seven ladies eat pickled chitterlings daily. (xxroxymamaxx)
  Sleep leaves, escapes; perhaps can dream. 
  Soulful laughter envelops people combatting depression. 
  Susie laughs even puppies can dance. 
  Sometimes love escapes past Cinderella dreams. 
  Sherry leads elephants past children's daycares. 
  Should lions eat people -- can't decide. 
  Show love everyday please... can develop. 
  Sensational lunar eclipse plays cosmic dance. 
  Sexy ladies excite Phillip's carnal desires. 
  Sexy ladies eagerly, pleasingly, cohabitate daily! 

  She lost every pound chasing Daniel. (chaoticbeauty34)
  Simply letting things pass, causes degeneration. 
  Subsidy, let each person come donate. 
  Snoring like elephants probably causes deafness.
  Sharing loving events people can discover. 
  Stop letting everyone play cards daily. 
  Secretly lovers elope partially, cautiously driving. 
  Spooner licks every putrefying corpse daily. 
  Silent lunatics excite political campaign development. 

Come back Saturday morning for six new letters!!  Again, thanks for your prayers for my boyfriend and my sister.  I will keep you all updated.   Hugs!!! xox


  1. Congrats to the winner and all the creative participants!   Sorry to hear not a whole lot of improvement for your BF and Krissy.   Prayers will continue...

  2. (((((((((((((((VAL))))))))))))))))))I am still praying for your Boyfrnd and also for Krissy.I will go and congrats the winner.

  3. Those are fun sentences. I like the winning one the best!  Continued prayers for your BF, and also for Krissy.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. I liked the chitterlings one the best, LOL.  Oh well.  You can't please everybody all the time.  I hope everybody keeps playing, b/c if they do, they are so creative, they are bound to win at SOME point, LOL.  So keep on playing everyone!  I am your personal cheerleader as Val's sister!  I love your sentences!  They are ALL so good!  Love,

    Krissy :)

  5. Congratulations to Donna. Brilliant sentence. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the other's. Thoughts of your boyfriend and krissy coming your way Val. Love Pam xx

  6. I didn't participate this go round but have to say what a creative bunch we have online, LOL.  Super impressive!  Congratulations to Donna!  Val I hope your BF is feeling better now.  Crazy viruses going on all over, and such serious things.  I hope they figure out the fluid.

  7. Continuing special thoughts for your John....
    and Krissy is sneaking on the computer again, lol....
    everyone is so clever will all their sentences for your new game...
    Have a wonderful Saturday!
    Linda :)

  8. never  read  your  journal  val  til  now.   will  try  the comp.some time.  my  thoughts  with   you  and  boyfriend.   hospitals  are  scary  places     but   he  is  in  safe  hands                  god  bless             mort  xxxx    

  9. Each sentence was fun to read and it is interesting to note how different folks minds work differently!

    Looking forward to the next set of letters.

    Glad to know your boyfriend is doing better.  Continued good thoughts and prayers for both he and Krissy.

  10. The game seems fun...I might have to give it a try....I will keep your boyfriend and sister in my prayers...I hope they get better soon.


  11. Great choice for the winner although all the sentences were full of fun and imagination!
    Hugs, Kathy

  12. Good choice :o)


  13. Excellent sentences this week!

    Krissy :)

  14. I want to play!!!! here is my  link to my entry!

  15. Continued prayers for you guys.  SO bummed I had to miss this!  Too much fun! ;)  C.


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