Sunday, February 17, 2008

little quiz...

Reactions Quiz:  Type the FIRST thing that comes to mind.

1.  Beer:
don't like it.
2.  McDonalds: don't like it either.
3.  Relationships:
can be hard, but rewarding.
4.  Purple:
mixture of red and blue, my two favorite colors
5.  Power Rangers: 
my stepson played with them for hours
6.  Weed:
don't smoke it, ruins lives!!!
7.  Steroids:
don't use them, can kill!!!
8.  Cartoons:
Family Guy is funny!!

9.  The President:
out of touch!
10. Tupperware:
always gets lost.
11.  Florida:
my grandson and daughter live there and it's too hot.
12.  Santa Claus: is jolly.
14. Alcohol:
can make you stupid.
16: MySpace:
I only go there to see my kid's and grandkid's pictures.
17. Clowns:
I have always wanted to be a clown someday.
19. Paris:
Hilton.  Ugh.
20. Redheads:
Lucille Ball was hilarious.
21. Blondes:
don't really have more fun.
22. Pass the:
23. One night stands:
are dangerous.
24. Donald Trump:
can be so mean and nasty and arrogant.
25. Neverland:
Michael Jackson
26. Dixie Chicks
They sing well but annoy me.
27. Vanilla ice cream:
is yummy!  All flavors of ice cream are yummy!
28. Vallarta
29. High school
was painful.
30. Pajamas:
I could wear them all day every day.
31. Woody:
32. Wet Socks:
eww, take them off!
33. I love:

I found this in Deb's journal.  I am supposed to tag others, but I won't.  Snag if you would like to.   Come back and leave your URL so I can see!  Have a nice Sunday! 


  1. No beer or McDonalds?? How can you live?? lol! Enjoyed your quiz. (((HUGS))) - Missy htp://

  2. Great fun - years since I did one of these. Beer lovers must be odd. I'd stick to the vanilla ice.

  3. How nice getting to know all these new facets of your incredible self!  CATHY

  4. (((((((((((((((((((((((((VAL)))))))))))))))Have a good Sunday.

  5. Good answers :o)


  6. Have yourself a great week!

  7. Hi Val...Thank you for your comment yesterday. I am grateful.
    I would love to be a part of your sentence for the may be what i need to cheer up.
    love, Lori

  8. These things are nice to get to know people a little better....June:)

  9. Hey, I did this for fun.  It's posted.


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