Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two funnies...

I have two funnies for you all today.  I can really relate to both of them.  The first I can relate to because I am constantly losing things.  I spend so much time each day searching, and searching, and searching... LOL...

This second cartoon I relate to very well, too.  How many women (and men) out there take off as much as you can before you get weighed at the doctor's office?  Do you take off your coat/sweater?  Your shoes?  Do you drop your purse or set it on something?  Do you yell to your mate or anyone around to step away from the scale?  LOL

Hope you enjoyed!!  Val =) xox



  1. Oh, I can relate to the Garfield comic strip, LOL.  I take off my coat, put down my purse, everything, LOL.  The other day at the drs. office, to my delight, the nurse asked me to slip my shoes off before being weighed.  I complied, LOL.

    Krissy :)  

  2. I just went to the doctor today....I always wear the lightest clothing possible....and I wear shoes that are easy to get on and off....I was asked to get on the scale today and I hung up my coat & purse and took off my shoes and emptied my pockets before stepping on the scale!!  

    But I did weigh myself before going in this morning and I was 2 pounds lighter at home!! ????

  3. That is soooooo funny because I really do that at the doctor's office and never even thought about it! I wonder what those nurses are thinking when I am practically stripped down to my undies LMBO!! OMG I never even noticed I did that until you mentioned it....... Oh and losing things, ha!! I have had my cell phone to my ear, talking on it, and looking all over the dang house for it! Yes, I can totally relate! Have a wonderful day and thanks for the laugh! -Missy

  4. Ha so funny but I think  my eating would take up a little more of the wheel! ;)  

  5. LoL I'm good at finding things. Wha'ya looking for now? Keys? Look over by the door. lol Good funnies thanks for sharing.


  6. They were funny.  Thanks for sharing.

  7. LOLOLOL...I've been told I have the brain like a vise grip, so I'm good there...but I AMMM guilty of nearly dis-robing...too funny. ;)  C.

  8. Yes! ok, I put my hand up! I have almost stripped to the bone and to the nurse's horror I may add! lol. Well! Every pound counts! Love Pam xx

  9. LOL they are really good ~ thank you for sharing them with us xx


  10. Val, I lose things constantly. Later usually find them, but not always.  Usually I can't find my glasses and I have 3 pairs!!!

    I use to refuse to weigh at my doctors. Got away with it. But then a new nurse started and she won't let me skip the scale.  Phooey. She told me they need it for billing.  Now I know that is B.S. because I didn't weigh for like 2 years or more, and the insurance company always paid them!  I hate it when they  think I am so stupid as to believe that.  I take off, my shoes, my sweater, I also wear the lightest weight clothes I have now when I go to the doctor.  I actually wasn't quite as fat as I thought. I think I told you.  MY Body Mass index is still in the normal range.  It's quite a bit higher than it use to be, but it's still in the normal range.  (Of course that normal range is pretty lenient.)  (I use to always be UNDER or right at the low end of normal.  I still haven't started the darn diet. I am so discusted with myself.  I hate having ANY extra weight on. I am very small boned, & don't need it!  

    Did you stay off the smoking?  You never said.  I swear to you, I AM going to diet this month, I should be able to be my normal weight by summer IF I follow through and do that. Why is it that the older a person gets the harder it is to lose weight?  if you think it's bad now, you just wait.  (Just what you wanted to hear, right?)  But as tall as you are, your weight has more places to go than when you aren't even 5' 2.  

    I loved both of these Val. Keep the good stuff coming.  Love you, Merry

  11.  I can relate to the funnies also.  I refuse to weigh anymore.  Its the principal.


  12. lol love them.. however my looking for things I had a minute ago would be over half the pie chart and my sleep would be way less LOL

    Thanks for the laugh!

  13. These were both so cute!!!  You put a smile on my face!!  Thanks!


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