Monday, October 2, 2006

Monday Morning Question and a reminder...


Where is your dream retirement home?

my answer:  I think I would like to have a home somewhere close to the ocean, but still be close to family and friends.  That, or maybe nestled in a small home in the mountains, away from everyone but close enough to civilization that I can still visit family and friends. Anyone want to buy me a house?  LOL   How about you?

I wanted to remind everyone to keep watch on The Gazette
.  Krissy is commenting in there on your submissions!  Thanks!!  I will be back shortly with the Photo Scavenger Hunt participants.  Hope you all are having a lovely Monday morning! xox


  1. My dream home is really two homes. One where it is warm and beautiful, near an ocean, but not on it (hurricane fear) and the other dream home is on a beautiful lake preferably in my home state of  Minesota.  I'd like it to be on Grindstone Lake, near Hinckley, MN where I spent my summers at a cabin growing up.  The water is so clear you can see to the bottom, but it is a bit cold!

    Did I answer this question in the right place??

  2. My dream retirement home is the one I am in with the addition built last fall open to my cabin making my home greatly improved for space and light.    My next addition is still being built though I can not do much except direct the work requiring lifting and I am limited on the number of hours I can spend until my nerve in my hip becomes too painful.    So my dream home is in the lumber and materials that are sitting in storage and those that I need to save my money for.   mark

  3. At the beach!!  I am already working on that one!

  4. A 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom house (hey, I everyone to come stay with us!) with a fireplace, lots of windows and a jacuzzi that is right on the beach in Ocean City, NJ....OH, and within walking distance to the boardwalk!

    Yeah, I don't want much....(lol)


  5. Thanks Val! Tammy

  6. A house close to the ocean works for me! Barbara

  7. A medium sized log cabin sitting on the side of a moutiain in the Appalachian Mountains.  About 20 acres of land with a small waterfall all my own.  No neighbors as far as the eye could see would be an added bonus, just lots of wildlife.  


  8. I think John and I want to live in North Carolina near the beach!


  9. Right their with yah,,except I would want my house where when winter comes, no one can come see me..the drive is not safe so that way I get three months without people...RLOL>....sorry,,,that is my version


  10. I'm with you, Val ... close to the ocean for sure ( but close enough to friends and my family as well : )  

    I'm afraid my fear of snakes would preclude me ever living peacefully in a mountain setting ... been there, done that & "bought the T-shirt as they say" LOL ... encountered far too many snakes to ever want to live near too many rocks/trees in a mountainous setting ever again !  I'll take the threat of a hurricane (with advance warning) over that of a timber rattler's "advance
    warning" any day : )


  11. I already live on the coast, a ten minute walk to the sea so I'd like a home in the mountains with the beautiful foliage I saw in New England and space to build a big pen for my cats to go outside! Jeannette xx  

  12. Mine is on the water near Montauk, LI. It has one wall of glass facing the ocean...Since I'm never going to be a millionaire, that one won't come true. : )


  13. i touched on this for the round robin challenge....check it out!  :)  Have a great week!

  14. dream retirement, would be a communal situation where everyone had their own appartments sorta in a compound kinda thing. It would have all my friends living there and some family members near by. It would be set in a wooded area that was warmer climate and not so far from a city that I couldnt do culteral things if the mood struck me.

  15. My retirement house will be a cozy Irish cottage, with my dearest darling lass.  Hmm.  Getting ahead of myself though.  I am 17 after all!
    :-) Kellen


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