Monday, October 23, 2006

Hunt Participants and Monday Morning Question...

Photo Scavenger Hunt #93

The subject this week is: 
"broken, torn, or run-down

I wanted to thank
for allowing me to run her Photo Scavenger Hunt and Monday Morning Question the past few weeks while she has been doing a higher task.  Krissy, thank you!  I hope I made you proud!!  Krissy is asking a Monday Morning Question this morning in her journal and will be posting a subject for this week's Photo Hunt later on today so please visit her!  Thanks so much to everyone who continued to participate in my journal!  This week's photos were particularly poignant.  Please visit them if you can!  The participating journals are:

Photo Trek


     My Photo Journey

     Ye Olde English Posy

     Holiday Photos

     Linda's World

Don't forget to visit
Krissy's journal
for next week's Hunt subject!  Have a lovely day, everyone and keep shooting! xox



  1. Val, it was fun and you did a marvelous job coming up with ideas...Linda in Washington state  

  2. Many thanks to you Val, for doing such a sterling job in Krissy's absence.
    Love Sylvia xxx

  3. Hi sausage!! I havent been here for ages Val and WOW you are now a Grandma. . thats terrific news.Hes gorgeous,lovely name too. . you must be bursting with pride!


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