Monday, October 2, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #90 Participants...

Photo Scavenger Hunt #90

The subject this week is:

The following journals participated in this week's Hunt.   Thanks to all who participated!:

Northern Trip

     Photo Trek

     Holiday Photos

     Sassy's EYE

     My Photo Journey

     Ye Olde English Posy

     In Quest Of

     Footprints in the Sand

     Linda's World

     My Spot

     Gina's Space

I hope you all take the time to visit and enjoy these links!  I will be back later on today with next week's Hunt subject.  If anyone has a request or suggestion for a subject,  please put it in the comments section.  Thanks! xox


  1. Val, Thanks for the really got me in the mood for the change of seasons that is upon us.  Autumn is such a wonderful time of year.  As a thought for an upcoming theme, how about sunrise and sunset?  Everybody should have some of those stored away, and since they happen daily, their will be lots of opportunity to get new examples.  It should be a colorful gathering of pictures just like the Autumn ones this time.


  2. There were some beautiful entries here Val. Oooh yes! Can we do sunsets and sunrises like Greg asked please?! I've got hundreds! Jeannette xx

  3. have a good week...



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