Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Six weird things about me...

I used to think that anyone doing anything weird  
       was weird.  I suddenly realized that anyone doing   
       anything weird wasn't weird at all and it was the  
       people saying they were weird that was weird.
-Paul McCartney

Krissy tagged me with the "six weird things about me" game that is going around.  I, like her, couldn't think of anything right away.  Then it was hard to narrow it down.  LOL  Aren't we ALL weird?!  So here is my list:

     1.  I type with my toes (in my imagination) in the air when I am in bed at night.
     2.  I take tags off of everything I wear - shirts, pants, underwear, even shoes,
          before I wear them the first time, so the tag won't bother me.  I don't even
          give the tags a chance to be a nuisance.

     3.  I walk barefoot every chance I can get - even in the winter and even outside
          and am often seen without a coat in the winter.

     4.  I don't like sitting in chairs.  I sit and lie on the floor a lot.

     5.  I don't like pizza very much.  I eat it if it is the only thing available to eat. 

          I would rather eat liver and onions.

     6.  When I am reading journals from U.K. writers, I very often read them with
          a British accent in my head.

Okay, now I tag anyone who dares to be weird also!!  Have a good day and STOP laughing at me!! LOL  xox



  1. Val~Great quote by Paul M! Liver and onions over pizza--ok now that is weird! ;-)
    Have a good day ya weirdo! Love xox Deb PS. I am about to do this now!

  2. LOL -  I do #6, too!  So good to know I'm not alone.

  3. Val you are not weird!  Perhaps that is because I know you, Sissy, LOL!  Anyway, I read my British journals with an accent also, LOL.  Love you,


  4. hate pizza too, I quite like liver especially with bacon and sausages!

  5. OH Val, Funny!  You type with your toes (in your imagination) at night??  He he he
    Read UK stuff with an accent?  You're cute and sweet, hon.  Does walking in socks count as barefoot?  (don't think it does)  But with Raynaud's my feet are too cold to be barefoot, even  in the summer.  LIver & Onions?  No way would I eat either! This deal was lots of fun because it shows we are all alike in some ways, but different in ohers.  Agree?

  6. I missed this one on alerts, not sure how that happened, but I'm glad I went and looked for it.  I really like number 6 about reading the UK journals...I do that too.   I'm just not so sure that my English accent is entirely accurate.


  7. I don't think these things are really strange.  Just things that make you unique in some ways.  



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