Saturday, October 28, 2006


     "Detail makes the difference between boring and terrific writing.  It's the
      difference between a pencil sketch and a lush oil painting.  As a writer,
      words are your paint.  Use all the colors.
                                                                       -Rhys Alexander

I'm sitting here watching Baby.  It's interesting that anytime I watch Honey or Baby more than five seconds while they are sleeping they open their eyes.  They instinctively know I am watching them!  How do animals know this?  It happens every time!  Wow!  They have an extra sense.  My cats are little children of sorts to me.  They can communicate their needs.  When Honey wants fed she comes up and kisses me on the lips.  She and Baby both can meow, "yes and no."  and Baby can say, "Huh?"  when I call him.  This makes people laugh.  I taught them yes and no so I would know if they truly wanted something.  Before I ask them if they want something, I say for example, "Do you want brushed, yes? no?"  They really answer me.  Their yes is like a "myeah" and their no is like a "myoooh".  Both of them.  Honey taught Baby how to talk because she is very vocal.  I tell them what I am doing during the day so that they understand.  They do understand a lot of English - words and phrases like - I'm opening the window, treat, eat, bed, I love you, night-night, brush, I have to go out now, tuna fish, cat nip, etc.  I think it's amazing what pets can comprehend and how much happier they can be when you spend time with them.  They give you so much love in return.

I wanted to thank everyone so much for all the "Happy Birthdays" I received yesterday!!  It was wonderful to open up my email box and have it full of e-cards!!  Aww, thanks, guys!!  J-Land is THE BEST!!!  Thanks for making my birthday full of smiles all day long!!  I had a good birthday.  I had a quiet day with my boyfriend.  He gave me a dozen red roses.  Now wasn't that sweet?!!  He gets a lot of points for that!


It's Saturday and time for "Wordplay!"  The idea for this "Wordplay" was given to me by
husband, John.   I wanted to discuss our favorite colors and what words come to mind when we think of them.

What is/are your favorite color(s) What words come to mind when you think of this/these color(s)Do these words describe youand, do you seek to surround yourself with these adjectives?

My answer:  Actually my favorite color changes from day to day.  My favorite colors are usually
red and blue tones.  Sometimes I am in a green mood, too.  I like muted colors.  Today I like blue.  How does blue make me feel?  Calm, serene, centered, meditative,  spiritual.  I DO try to be calm and centered.  If I'm not, then I try to do everything I can to center myself.  I try to find a spot to be by myself and relax and meditate.  I sometimes even think of the color blue or the ocean or put myself at the beach. a lake, or in the sky in my mind visually.  When I am in a red mood I am feeling more passionate about life and more loving.  I have more confidence and want to tackle more of life and be more assertive.  Today I am in a blue mood.  A happy, blue
mood.  What about you?

Have a good weekend and hope you are having a happy one! xox


  1. Today my favorite color is purple.  The adjectives that come to mind are spiritual, rich, deep, noble, royal, magnificent, beautiful.  You ask if these words describe me.  Gee, I hope so, LOLOLOLOLOL!  Do I seek to surround myself with these adjectives?  Absolutely!  Thanks, this was fun!


  2. A late Happy Birthday Val!    I have to stay off the computer during the day last week and wait for a phone call from an orthopedic back specialist's office.    I still have not recieved the call so maybe they will next week.     I like blue and feel the adjectives: calm,relaxed,contemplative, serene, and at peace would describe it.    mark

  3. Normally my favorite color is turqoiuse....just because I like that color...but for some unknown reason my favorite color today is yellow....bright shiny and happy and that is how I feel.  That's my story and I'm stickin to it! Barbara  

  4. I'm in a green frame of mind. I change colors every few years. My favorite before it, was blue.
    Psychology has some answers about color. According to psychology, if you like
    Blue - you are searching for peace (the rest I just put the words you're searching for)
    Green - healing of mind or body
    Orange - changes in your life or surroundings
    Violet - spirituality
    White - purity
    Red - physical vitality or passion
    Yellow - knowledge or wisdom or even just plain joy.

    Those are the ones I remember.

  5. I love the colour blue, all shades of it! It reminds me of the sea and sky and is such a peaceful colour. My two cats understand a lot too. They're such good company aren't they? Jeannette xx  

  6. Good luck with your nomination.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Val, glad it was a good day and you share it with my husband!

     Yellow is my favorite color.  To me it means warmth, joy, happy, energizing.  I have always loved yellow.


  8. Belated happy birthday wishes, I've not kept up very well!  But I won't forget it again.  I wanted to mention about color, that when I hear a note playing piano or guitar, I "see" a color, and have no problem "knowing" it each time, isn't that odd?  I picture a keyboard and know the color of each note, now what the heck is that LOL!?!  Miss you!! xoxo CATHY


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