Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Play along!

This is an interesting tag going around blogs recently.  I want to see what you guys are reading!!  Go ahead and try this!!  Here are the instructions...

     1.  Grab the nearest  book.
     2.  Open to page 123.
     3.  Find the fifth sentence.
     4.  Post the text of the next four sentences along with these instructions.
     5.  Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in the back
          of your closet!  I know that is what you are thinking!
     6.  Tag four or five people.


This comes from "The Parables of Peanuts" by Robert L. Short

It is implicit in the New Testament statement concerning the incarnation of God in Christ that all men are taken up, enclosed and borne within the body of Christ and that this is just what the congregation of the faithful are to make known to the world by their words and by their lives.  What is intended here is... the summoning of the world into the fellowship of this body of Christ, to which in truth it already belongs.

                        -Bonhoeffer, Ethics

     "Karamazov," cried Kolya, "can it be true what's taught us in religion, that we shall all rise again from the dead and shall live and see each other again, all . . . ?"

     "Certainly we shall all rise again, certainly we shall see each other and shall tell each other with joy and gladness all that has happened !"

Alyosha answered half laughing, half enthusiastic.


Those are four long sentences!  Interesting, I have an appropriate graphic of Snoopy reading a book.  That was totally by accident.  My wonderful friend, Cathy, gave me that about a month ago.  So, I won't tag anyone for this, but I do hope some of you will do this and leave your entry URLs so I can go and read what you are reading!  Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!!  Hugs!! xox


  1. Will post mine in my journal soon!

  2. Sorry I'm at work so all I have is a SQL reference book.  :-)

    To understand how a clustered index can outperform a nonclustered index, even in retrieving a small number of rows consider the following example.


    The select statement fetches only 5 rows out of 10000rows frm the table.

    Considerng the small size of th result set retrieved by the select statement , a nonclustered column on C1 can be a good choice.


    Since retrieving a small number of rows, through a non-clustered index is more economical than a table scan.

    OK I"ll stop it's even boring me.  LOL


  3. Ok you bookish woman~heehee~I will try this and you will know how intellectual my reading is lately! Ha! Blessings, Deb ;-)

  4. LOL to Dbaumgartner's comment below!


  5. I just completed mine...

    In glorious video, of course...

  6. Hi Val, it was so wonderful to see your comment in my journal and believe me honey I felt your presence whether you left a comment or not.   Tell you what, since I just finished reading JOSHUA and the book was still handy on page 123 - fifth sentence and the next four reads like this:

    This is the two sentences above the fifth that help it make sense:

    Religion is most beautiful when a person lives an ordinary life

    5th  -  but motivated by a great love of God.  Artificial practices imposed and added on as religion do not make a person religious or pleasing in God's eyes.  That was the Pharisees' type of religion, which Jesus so vehemently rejected.

    There you go.  I so enjoyed reading this book and the authors take on waht Jesus taught.  It is such a worthy read.

    Marlene - A Poets Point Of View


  7. I already played this game...Linda in WA

  8. ok....i just joined in the fun.  :)

  9. I have done the tag in my recent entry.    mark


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