Saturday, September 30, 2006

An important and special "Wordplay"...

     "I have found that among other benefits, giving 
liberates the soul of the giver."
-Maya Angelou

John was taken back to Hershey Friday night.  He was running a fever.  They found two infections in his blood.  I talked to both Krissy and John this morning.  One was a staph infection.  I am not sure what the other one was.  He is now on an antibiotic drip.  The scary thing is that John's WBC was only 0.7 the last time it was measured and his ANC (measures his immune system) was undetectable.  So John needs your prayers as does Krissy.  Which comes to this mornings "Wordplay".  I want to do a very special one and I hope I have a lot of takers.  Please consider doing this one!!


Tammy, who has numerous journals, started one for John and Krissy when they are away at Hershey.  It is The John and Krissy J-Land Gazette
.  I think it is so selfless of her, so giving to be keeping a journal going for another person.  When Krissy and John are away they are too busy to read other's journals and they feel out of touch with everyone and it makes them sad.  Hence, Tammy started this journal.  Krissy has to turn off her alerts because time online for her is short so this is the ONLY journal they read.  Journalers send letters, jokes, news, ditties of all kinds to them.  For today's "Wordplay" I wanted everyone to send something in to The Gazette.  It could just be a "hello and you are in our prayers" and "we miss you guys".  It could be a joke.  It could be a nice graphic you found, although Tammy asks that you limit your graphics to one per email.  Did you write an entry in your journal that is special to you?  Send that in!  How about a poem you wrote that is special? Anything at all, just send!!  Please send your submission to  If you have any further questions just ask me in the comments section below or email me.  Let's let John and Krissy know that we support them and love them and are praying for them!!  Please consider this special request!!  Thanks everyone!!

On another note, Tammy opened up another journal that is quite haunting... for Halloween!  It is amazing!  She put a lot of work into it.  There is an entry for every day of the month of October.  It deserves a look see!  If you are a fan of Halloween, you will be a fan of Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!  Take care and please do consider today's "Wordplay".  Hugs, Val xox


  1. So sorry to hear how much John is going through.
    I don't know what I could send as a greeting.....Thinking.


  2. I was so sorry to hear about John. You know I'm keeping them both in my prayers. Jeannette xx  

  3. Everyone, just send me an email, write something to John and krissy and send it to me instead of them. It doesn't have to be fancy! If you like, I will find a pretty graphic for you! Just a few words. omething to give Krissy to do, to make her smile and to feel more at home and close to her friends. Also, if you or someone you know has given blood recently or is going to, let me know. I need no names, just the numbers. I am keeping a tally for John. Thank you Val! Thank you all! Tammy

  4. Shame about this new setback - of course wishing for the best


  5. Thanks Val for explaining the update on John.  I will say a prayer for  both he and Krissy..

    Sandra xxxx

  6. I just re-added you to my alerts.  I don't know why I was dropped, but I did realize it some time ago.  Unfortunately, my life has been upside down with my new job (teaching high school English and journalism) and finishing up my mentoring hours every Saturday to teach driver's ed.  I also work with my son (same school) now which gives us more time together but makes me feel as if I have to balance that out with spending more time with my "neglected" and self-sufficient "middle child" at middle school.  (4) kids + (2) jobs + (1) hubby makes for a busier than ever life... I live for summer!

    Val, I did keep getting alerts on Krissy & John.  Tell them they are in my prayers -- always, even if I am quiet online.  I am also, in no way, trying to neglect the photo bloggers or you...  Life just got a little out of control and I hope to be on top of things by the close of the holiday season... being realistic!

    Here's hoping I get those alerts now!


  7. Sent a songthat I wrote...My Dog Blue...Can't see how that will make John feel any better, but -- couldn't hurt.


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