Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Wordplay" and kitties!...

It is impossible for a lover of cats to banish these alert,
      gentle, discriminating, little friends, who give us just enough
      of their regard and compliance to make us hunger for more.

                                                                               - Agnes Repplier

Good Saturday morning, everyone!!  Well how are you doing?  Yes, you !!  I wanted to thank all my journal peers for my
nomination in the Best Entertainment category.  What a pleasant surprise to get a positive affirmation from my peers!  I humbly accept the nomination and wish all of the fellow nominees in these Awards good luck!!  Oh, and Krissy, congratulations on your nominations!!  She got five!  You DO deserve yours!!  Krissy got nominated for Journal of The Year!  That's my sissy!

Baby is almost two.  Wow, he is growing up quickly.  Baby and Honey still aren't friends.  I thought that they would be friends by now.  Nope.  Baby still stalks Honey.  Honey DOES NOT want to be friends with Baby.  Honey is six now.  She is the most gentle cat in the world and oh-so-sweet.  Baby is a moose - a dog.  He doesn't know he is a cat.  Something very interesting happened a couple of nights ago.  It had me smiling so wide.  Honey was hidden somewhere in the bedroom.  Baby came chirping, looking for her.  He does this a lot.  Baby has adopted the Maine Coon chirp from Honey(she is one-half Maine Coon).  Honey leapt from her hiding place in the closet onto Baby.  Honey then backed out of the room into the living room and waited for Baby to hide.  A game ensued... Baby hid.  Honey went looking for him.  When she couldn't find him he pounced out onto her.  They did this for about eight rounds.  A game of hide-and-seek!  It was the coolest thing I had ever seen!!  Not only were they cooperating, they were having fun!!  I laughed and laughed!!  The first time they have had organized play.  I am hoping not the last.


Time for "Wordplay"!  Since most if not all of us blog and many of us consider ourselves writers, I thought this might be a good question to ask for "Wordplay".  If you were given the chance to successfully write and publish any book, what would it be about and what would the title be?

I think that I would write something semi-autobiographical.  I would try and fill up the pages with humor and wit and inspiration.  That is kind of vague.  I do have some of a book in my head, but it isn't tied together yet.  As for the title, I am not sure either.  That is a hard one.  I have to think about that and get back to you.  I would love to write a children's book and illustrate it, too, someday.   What about you?  Let us know in the comments section.  If you want to answer this in your own journal, please come back and leave the URL to your entry in the comments section so that we can read your entry.  Thanks!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xox


  1. I have actually started a sort of family history book for my grandchildren and the title I have for it so far is; "The Story of You"    Linda in Washington state

  2. Well I can't write so I haven't given it a lot of thought.  I think I would write children's books.  Glad your kitties had a game of hide and seek.
    Hugs, Barb

  3. Your kitties are having a great time.    I hope their play continues.     It seems that there had been a dominance for power scheme going on and Honey decided to make a game of it.     They are intellegent and work out their frustrations in this new manner.     Salty plays a game with me of teasing me with his bone.    He snarls and growls and gets bent out of shape ( literally ) by putting his head and front legs flat on the floor and his rump up in the air.    Then while I am laying down he puts his snout with the bone in his mouth on the edge of my bed and then quickly gets away as soon as I reach toward him.     I tease him back and try to get him as excited as possible grabing his snout and acting like I want the bone.     He does the same thing when I throw him the stick in his pen.    He runs and gets it and then runs back toward me and around me and will not let me have it.     mark

  4. Congrats on the nomination!  Lots has happened since I've been gone.  I guess I was nominated too... most missed journal (it's nice to be missed)

    So as for writing, I would write a book of my poems, I have been writing poems since I was 12 (those weren't great, but they are laughable now) but wouldn't include them.
    I would title it Promise's of Poetry.

    Love and missed you,

  5. Gee, good question.  I would like to write a book someday about being the spouse of someone with cancer.  I don't know what I would call it yet.  John just suggested "Being Your Spouse's Advocate".  I think I like that!  I like Advocate better than Caregiver, it gives the cancer survivor more dignity.  The book, besides giving examples of how to help the cancer survivor, would also give ways of how to help the Advocate himself/ herself stay healthy and nurtured.  Okay, I just changed the name of the book to "Living with a Cancer Survivor".  It is more encompassing.  

    OKay, I am not about just that one topic.  I think I would like to do a children's book also.  And I have some other books up my sleeve also.  I can't give all my ideas away!


  6. I hope to write a book about my experiences in Mexico.  I have most of the weekly letters that I wrote to keep people updated.  Some are funny, some serious and some touch the heart in a special way.  Soon and very soon.  Blessings, Penny

  7. Oh wow, Sissy, I forgot to say congratulations on your nomination.  You deserve it!


  8. Congratulations on the nomination, very well deserved!
    I've never thought of writing a book but I suppose it would have to be about cat behaviour! My mind's gone blank for a title though!That's great that Honey and Baby learnt to play after so long! My two play all day, stalking each other and ambushing! Jeannette xx  

  9. Congrats on your nomination val! The cats sound adorable and I have to say that I had two cats for years and the female didnt actually like the younger male though clearly secretly she did and liked to tease and taunt him a bit swatting his cat face with her tail...I think pets like each other even if for a distraction. They just seem happier...

    I dont consider myself a writer and I dont want to write a book lol

  10. Congratulations on your nomination!  Oh I loved your cat quote, even though I am not a cat person, I have some friends who definitely are.  I bet Baby and Honey are priceless.  I know we think Ted and Kaycee are!  I am giving thought the 'WORDPLAY" QUESTION and will let  you know SOON.  Oodles of hugs, Merry

  11. Good Luck!!
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Linda :)

  12. Congrats on you ViVi nomination from a fellow nominee!
    Come visit me. :)
    Have a lovely day,
    for best graphics & for thought provoking:
    for best pets:
    for best single entry:

  13. Congratulations on your nomination Val and very good luck

  14. Just wanted to stop by with a big congrats on your Vivi Nomination.

  15. Hello, just stopping by to congratulate you on your Vivi nomination. Best of luck to you and have a great week!!!

  16. Loving the cat stories.

    If I were to write a book, it might be a fiction adventure story.  Either that or something religious.  I hope one day to truly publish a book.  We'll see where life takes me.

  17. Very Cute.  I'm so far behind in reading journal entries.  I've only got 209 more email entries to read!

  18. Val~I love that cat story; aren't they just so entertaining? I have a new kitten I need to do an entry on once the photos are ready >"< So as for your question...
    I have been saying since 4th grade that I want to be a writer when I grow up! Guess I'm not sure I'm grown yet! I am too overwhelmed by a book goal; I want to start with magazine articles. Right now I want to try one for Cat Fancy on this cool resue cat lady I met; she bottle feeds kittens with no mommy and literally loads her car up with at least 10 cat crates at a time to get them spayed or neutered. Isn't that awesome? The title I think will come to me after I write the body and go back and interview Lois. Maybe...One Lady's Loving Cat Rescue Mission...>"< xox Sass


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