Saturday, August 7, 2004

A New Beginning

Good Morning everone!  This is my first entry in a very, very long time!  I am sitting in my new apartment with a kitty that is very skittish.  Cats just don't like getting used to new surroundings.  She is very comforted by my voice and my presence, though.  My Dad swears that he read somewhere that cats are more comforted and attached to surroundings than they are by their owners.  I KNOW this is not the case!!!  If I was not here for my "Honey" she would be a basket case and still under the bed!  I have babied her for a couple of days and she is now getting used to the sounds and is eating, drinking and using the litter box.  When I have left her alone for a trip in the past she has refused to eat her food and even go "poo-poo".  I guess she doesn't go poo-poo because she doesn't eat! lol  When I get home she is relaxed within a few short moments.  Thankfully, I do not have one of those cats that is angered by my actions and ignores me when I do something like leaving her for a long time!

So, I have been through quite a bit in the last couple of months.  I just had a v/a shunt put in.  It goes from my ventricles in my brain to my jugular vein going into my heart.  It is to control the extra csf pressure caused by the the chiari malformation I have.  It was an interesting experience having it put in.  The surgery wasn't as extensive, nor was it as hard to heal as my suboccipital decompression/craniectomy I had about a year and half ago.  I feel blessed as I have had little complications and feel lots better.  I wish I had done this awhile back, but you just don't know!  I am feeling alot more energy from having less pressure on the brain already!  I wanted to thank everyone out there who has prayed for me!  I HAVE HEARD and FELT your prayers!!!!!!!  They have meant so much to me!! 

I LOVE my new apartment as it is about 3 times larger than my last apartment!  It has ceiling fans to keep me cool!  Lord knows I get hot all the time! lol  It is also in a neighborhood that I can do alot of walking and I won't feel so secluded.  I have so much room for all of my "stuff", too! lol  I downsized before I came here (I threw away 18 big green garbage bags!), but still don't know how I have this much stuff for one person.  I like to think I am a minimalist.  So, if one is looking inside my apartment, one might think it a little bare.  My daughter, Chelsea, is coming to live with me in about 10 days also!!!!  I am so excited I can't believe it!!  I am preparing her room and "her" bathroom, which is really both of ours, but she has instructed me on how to decorate it! lol

Well, I am off to get the last of my "stuff" that is left behind today.  It is so beautiful outside.  I hope everyone has as beautiful weather as we do here in PA!!  God bless and good day!  I hope that I can write in here atleast a couple to a few times a week now so stop on by and see what blah, blah, blabbing I can do!!!!  Bye now!!!!


  1. Good to read!
    I hear Ducks are in favour?

  2. Glad you are enjoying your new apartment! -Krissy

  3. The new apartment sounds cool, as well as getting rid of all those bags of stuff.  I need to try that!  Referred to you via your sisters journal.


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