Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I I Could Be....

I found this in someone's journal and liked it and (with permission) I decided to fill it out.  Enjoy!

If I Could Be


If I could be a time of day, I would be:  evening when the sun is setting.

If I could be a planet, I would be:  earth..it's natural

If I could be a direction, I would be:   horizontal...I like my bed....or north..I hate being hot

If I could be a piece of furniture, I would be:   a big over-stuffed chair

If I could be a stone, I would be:  garnet

If I could be a tree, I would be:  a weeping willow

If I could be a bird, I would be: a hummingbird

If I could be a flower, I would be:  a wild African Violet

If I could be a kind of weather, I would be: I would be the four seasons, but my winter would be mild and my summer would never go over 68 degrees with low humidity..I have enough moods to be the four seasons ;-) 

If I could be a musical instrument, I would be: the wooden flute

If I could be a color, I would be: red

If I could be an emotion, I would be: compassion

If I could be a sound, I would be: humming

If I could be a car, I would be: a Toyota Corolla 

If I could be a material, I would be: cotton

If I could be a taste, I would be: mango

If I could be ascent, I would be:  the smell after the rain

If I could be a word, I would be:  This one is hard..um...meow

If I could be a facial expression, I would be:  ;-o

And if I could be anyone, I would be:  I would only be me!


  1. Weeping willow! Good choice! Of course I am biased...my last name means weeping willow in Japanese. ;-)  -B

  2. ty for joining in :) {{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}.....Jules xx

  3. Lists

    1. I hate lists
    2. I must stop making them
    3. Bookworm Deluxe is a word game availablef ro dwonload on the internet

  4. Interesting and great answers Val! -Krissy

  5. Now I will have to think of what I would be. Thanks for this one xxxxx

  6. You had fun with this, Val.  You gave great answers, too.  I would have to copy some of your answers, cause we must have similar tastes and thoughts.  I love the evening, too.  Garnet is my favorite stone.  I like north, too, cause it is cooler and I love your last answer.  I think being you is just perfect.  Take care.


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