Monday, August 9, 2004

Me Oh My....

I did something so stupid last night.  Well, it started earlier in the day, and culminated with a large mistake.  From the time I woke up yesterday morning (which was Sunday morning) through the entire day, I thought it was Monday.  So I went about my day as if it were Monday, making phone calls to businesses wondering why their answering machines were telling me to call back at business hours (!!this still didn't clue me in!!) and wondering why Monday TV wasn't on the boob tube.  I have a medication-minder (which is a seven-day, 4-times a day plastic container) that holds a week's worth of medicine.  Well I took Sunday's on Sunday still thinking it was Monday.  Well, Sunday night I went out to look at my med-minder (after taking three doses of medication from it that day, mind you) and thought, "Oh my!  I haven't taken any medication today!"  So I proceeded to take Monday night's medications.  So, at this point I was double-dosed on about six medications and some of them were two pills already!  I take quite a few pills a day for my chronic illnesses, so after doing this stupid deed, I was very dizzy and loopy and had to stay up until I was certain any ill-effects of what I had done to myself had run out.  So I did not go to bed until 5am or so.  When I woke up today, which was about 1:30 in the afternoon it felt like my head was going to pop off, but atleast I knew that I was okay.  I really must be much more careful from now on!   My day was pretty shot and I am hoping I can make up for it tomorrow and get some things done!  Take care, all! 


  1. I have made mistakes too.  I am glad you are ok. -Krissy

  2. I've done that with my medication as well.
    You go on autopilot.
    We call them medi-doze these containers and I still make mistakes.
    Had to call the Dr once as I  had overdosed.
    Last week at the Dr I had to ask  him what day it was..........
    We are in same boat ;-)

  3. Rings a bell with me.  Sometimes I have taken things twice. Sometimes I think I have taken when I have not!!!!  Glad you are o.k.

  4. Val,
    My name is angie.  I'm am an online buddy of your sister's.  I've been keeping up with what's going on in your life through her journal.  You've been in my prayers alot!  You have a great sister, by the way... though I'm sure that you know that!

    I can relate to a lot of what's going on with you.. INCLUDING taking more meds than you're supposed to because you don't know what day it is... been there done that.. been that dizzy!  LOL

    The turn of the century, for me, brought a brain tumor, a bald head, and pretty much all the same fun things that you're experiencing right now.  Will be the first to admit though that my illness was much easier to beat than yours has been.  I can still relate though.

    I know you probably get this alot, but if you ever need to talk to someone who's been in those same lovely hospital gowns... I'm just around the corner and half-way across these United States.. lol

  5. Hi Val.  I feel like I know you from reading your sister's journal.  I'm glad nothing terrible happened to you from double dosing yourself!  Whew, that could have been bad.  I'm happy you are feeling so much better, too, and enjoying your new apartment with Honey.  Please take care and may you feel better and stronger each day.

  6. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling all right! Gosh, I can't say I've ever doubled my meds but I can say that with being sick I never seem to know what day it is... I'm always having to check the calendar because all the days seem so alike.. when you don't do the usual things most people do on a day to day basis... so yes I understand ;)
    Peace and blessings * Melaney


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