Sunday, August 22, 2004

Chicks and a Goat and The Amish

Good evening everyone.  I had a pretty laid-back day.  It was calm and fun and at times humorous.  When I woke up I had told myself that I must get some housework done.  I was resigned to do this when a friend asked me if I wanted to go for a car ride with him.  I don't much like housework and I love car rides, so it was a pretty easy decision to push back the housework for a later time.  We hopped in the car and off we went.  First we went to Wal-Mart where I picked up bird seed, cat litter and a stuffed animal for Chelsea's new bed.  Then we headed off to my friend, Roger's, aunt Linda's house.  She lives right in the heart of Amish country.  A few of you asked who the Amish were.  To explain them simply, they are a Protestant sect of religious folk who choose to live away from mainstream life.  They have no electricity or plumbing and farm off their land.  They go to their own schools - only to the eigth grade usually - at which time they are needed on the farm or at home or at their family's business.  They ride in horse-drawn buggies and are pretty strict disciplinarians.  They have lots of kids and take care of each other very well.  The women wear dark skirts and a blouse and bonnet and are very "hardy" and the men wear dark pants, shirts and suspenders and a hat.  The married men have beards but no moustaches.  They do not have to pay taxes in the U.S. and do not believe in the government.  I visit them here and there to buy from their orchards or from their baked goods shops or eat in their restaurants, etc.  When you visit them you can't help thinking about the "meaning of life" or what things were like before we were inundated with so much technology.   Anyway, Roger's Aunt Linda is friends with the Amish and she (his aunt) was watching about five small children today.  These children "borrowed" two chicks from her Amish neighbors.  I sat and held these chicks for a long time.  I was amazed as I had never held a bird before in my life.  Birds have kind of frightened me.  These chicks were very, very calm.  Right next to these birds were two dogs frolicking about.  I was amazed that the dogs did not try to eat the birds.  As I was holding the chicks I felt very peaceful.  Then one didsomething I thought was quite amazing.  He kept pecking me.  So I thought he wanted down and I let him down right next to me.  He had to go poo-poo. lol.  Then he hopped right back in my hand.  So these two birds snuggled in my hands for a couple of hours and any time they needed to poo they just pecked on my fingernail and I let them down!  Then they would hop back up!  Then the children took the birds to the miniature goat that was tied up in the yard.  This was the first time I had met a miniature goat before, too!  They set the chicks in the yard with the goat.  So, now here are two chicks, a goat and two dogs and they are just sitting and staring at one another!  I was amazed!  I guess I am a city girl, but I would think that they would be fighting!  Then one chick jumped on the back of the goat and about thirty seconds later the second chick jumped on the back of the goat and they fell asleep!   And the goat is walking around with two asleep chicks on its back!  It was too funny!  So I pet Betsy The Miniature Goat for awhile before I left because I had never had the privilege of meeting a goat before.  She was a sweetie.  The kids gave the chicks the names "Fuzzy" and "Eagle".  They were grey and tan with spots.   We then said goodbye to everyone and all the animals and took a long drive back home.  

I was very grateful to have gotten out today as it was so beautiful and sunny out.  It had finally stopped raining.  I was getting tired of the rain leaking through my roof.  Drip...drip...drip....drip...Chinese water torture.  I called my landlord this morning to report that, yes, it is still leaking (since he hasn't fixed it yet!) and would he please fix it soon.  It has been leaking since I moved in at the beginning of the month :-( Every once in awhile a piece of plaster comes down and clomps to the floor.  Oh well.  I told him today that Chelsea is moving in next Saturday and he said that would be just fine.  I was a little worried about letting him know that she was coming.  I don't know why, but I was.  Anyway, Chelsea gets here in six days!!!  I am so excited!  Her family is staying in a resort down in Florida that her aunt works at.  The resort has kindly given them a suite for free!  I don't know how long they can stay, but it has been over a week already and they are already okayed through next Wednesday.  I think that is so nice of the hotel.  So, if anyone is going to Walt Disney World, stay at Celebrations in Orlando!!!!  Well, I think I will finally go do some of that housework.....toodles.....       


  1. Oh Mom, I didn't know a chick could be communicative, lol!  Also, I didn't know farm animals could play together.  They all seemed to have so much personality! -Krissy

  2. I meant Oh MY, not oh Mom, lol! - Krissy

  3. the Amish people sound lovely. I love animals of any description and would love to sit there with chicks in my hand. It sounds like you had a lovely day.
    I am pleased Chelsea is getting help in Florida and will soon be with you. Charley caused a lot of heartache and he is on his way to the UK, well the tail end of him anyway.
    If I ever get chance to visit Florida I will remember Celebrations :)....Jules xx

  4. Hi Val!  I think it's good that you took that nice ride into the country rather than do housework.  That housework will always be there, waiting for you, but a lovely day like you had may not happen too often.  As I've grown older, I realize that life is too short and too precious to pass up a pleasant time.  Listen to me handing out these words of wisdom! Gosh, I'm not that old!  LOL  So, take care and be reading you soon!


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