Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Weekly Sentence" #12 Winners!...

Good Saturday, my friends =)!  How is everyone?  We absolutely LOVED your sentences this week!!  How creative they were!!  There were 22 submissions, too!  Thanks for keeping this game going!  I'm having a lot of fun, are you?  Before I get to the two winners I wanted to say something.  I have a couple of my family members, an in-law and a friend who have declined to EVER win an award in this game.  So if you are scratching your heads and wondering why some wonderful sentences (and authors) never take the top spot, they just may be one of these persons.   Now on to the "Weekly Sentence" winners!!...

  Congratulations to!!:

    Angie of
Peyton's Water:

Superficial people laugh at those suffering.

  Pam of Almost 40!:

Staying positive lifts away troublesome stress.

Visit these ladies and congratulate them, if you are able.   Here are your Awards, Pam and Angie!!  Right click them and save as .gif.  If you have any problems, just pop me an email.


Thanks to all of you who submitted this week!  The judges told me it was one of their toughest weeks!!  Below are the submissions:

  Some people laugh at these sentences.
  Simply practicing love accents the Spirit.
  Special people learn at their speed.
  Some people lose all touch sometimes.
  Subservient plantation laborers are truly sad.
  Striped pajamas lately attempt to slip.
  Several performers leaped around the stage.
  Some people looked at the stars.
  Some people love all those stories.
  Six people lie at the start.
  Sex pleases lovers and their sanity.
  Singing planets laugh among the stars.
  Single people laugh at their stories!
  Southern people love a true story.
  Society promotes laws against traitorous spies!
  Swinging purple lizards attempting to swim.
  Sending people laughs aborts their somberness.
  Sadistic perverts love all terrifying sex.
  Socialistic populations lack ability to specialize.
  Skunk pee leaves a terrible smell!

I will be posting six new letters tomorrow morning so come back for a visit!  Have a super weekend, my friends!!  Val =) xox


  1. Thank you so much Val. I am delighted to have won this week. Love Pam xx

  2. those were fantastic sentences!!!

    thanks Val; I'll pop over and wish them congratulations!!

    I'm turning off my alerts today; going to go on a mini-vacation and then move (yea and ugh in that order, LOL) so I'll probably miss the next 2 weeks of these sentences but look forward to catching up when I come back


  3. HOLY COW, is this for REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, there were so many AWESOME sentences as always, this is my favorite weekly thing :)
    Ang THANK YOU!

  4. Congrats to the winners. There were some good sentences. I would find it hard to be a judge of them. Helen

  5. Congrats to the winners. There were a lot of good sentances this week. It was the best so far and I missed it. Tough to judge but you do a good job of it. This is the last time I will postpone my entry. Bill

  6. Wow did I need to read the winning entries.  I jotted a note of congrats to Pam, but also Peyton CONGRATS to you both.  I am under so much stress and both entries really helped me put things into perspective!  Congratulations again!  

  7. Sorry but the last one absolutely is a gem! I really laughed! Good game- Dannelle

  8. Some good combination's can be found here.    Also thoughts to live by.   I enjoyed reading them all.   mark

  9. Congratulations, winners. Also, I liked the whimsy of journeyzpath.
    One wonders how badge9408 knows that.
    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  10. Yay well done to the winners xx


  11. Congratulations to the winners and to all !That was fun


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