Sunday, May 4, 2008

Interview with my octogenarian father...

My sister Krissy did an interview with our octogenarian Daddy yesterday.  She is kindly allowing me to post it in my journal. Thanks, Krissy!  Happy Birthday again, my precious Daddeeoooo!!!

Interview with our Daddy on his 80th birthday:

Birthday, Dad!!!
My Dad turned 80 today. 
Gee, when I think of 80, I think of, like, old people.  But he doesn't seem old to me.  Not 80 anyway. 
He is very young at heart.  He's lots of fun.  Loves to banter.  He's where Val and I got our love of words from.  He studies the dictionary.  Sometimes we will sit around and discuss root words and meanings of words from the dictionary in my family as our fun!
Okay, instead of me telling you more about him, I thought I'd bring to you this little interview I did with him this afternoon.
Krissy:  What is your secret to making it to 80?

Dad:     Be a practicing alcoholic till around 50.  That means you are not one after that.

Krissy:  What's important in life?

Dad:     a heartbeat and the 12 steps

Krissy:   How does it feel to be 80?

Dad:      A year older than 79.

Krissy:   What was your favorite job?

Dad:     The last day of the last one.

Krissy:   How tall are you?

Dad:      Now 5' 6", used to be 5' 9"

Krissy:   How many children do you have?

Dad:      six

Krissy:  Who is your favorite child?
Whichever one asks me the question.
Krissy:   How many languages do you speak?

Dad:      I can say "One ham sandwich with mustard and a beer, if you please" infrench, and I can count to three in Arabic.  I also know American English
Krissy:   How old are you? 

Dad:      It is my 80th birthday, but I am already starting 81 years - excluding any gestation period.  If we counted the gestation period, I would almost be starting 82 years.  The Chinese have a better system than we do for marking age.  They say a baby is one - starting it's first year - when it is born.  We say we are one when we are PAST our first year.
Okay, you all, I hope you enjoyed this interview with my father!  I hope you wish him a happy birthday, albeit a little bit late, as I am late with this entry.  At any rate, he does read my blog and the comments, so if you wish him a happy birthday, he will see your comment.  He goes by Dad or Don!  
Love you all,  Krissy :)


  1. Happy Birthday DAD-albeit a bit late.
    Hope you enjoyed your day and ate lots of cake and ice cream.May you have many more.Oh,BTW-you have some pretty nice daughters-you did good!!!

  2. I wish your dad a huge Happy Birthday. I left a message In Krissy's journal yesterday but I am so glad you have It displayed this again as I have a wee message for your dad....You are truly remarkable for raising such wonderfully talented, kind and caring young ladies. Well done Don. Love Pam xx

  3. lol saw this at Krissy's... fabulous.. again wishing Daddeoooo a very happy birthday.  

  4. Your father is very witty!!  Thanks for sharing was really cute.
    Happy Birthday Krissy and Val's dad!!


  5. How blessed you all are to still have you dad.  Happy birthday to him !  Linda in Washington  

  6. what is an Octogenerian?

    LOL at the funny answers

    --- Christopher

  7. Oh, I can tell I like your Daddy!!!!  All the best to him on his Birthday.  -  Barbara

  8. Happy Birthday, Don!!!!  What a great interview... he has such a terrific sense of humor!!!!  I loved reading his answers!!!


  9. Happy late Birthday Val and Krissy's Dad! I can't think of anything witty to say! ;-) Hope it was a memorable day and you got to eat your favorite kind of cake!
    Deborah ;-)

  10. Happy "Belated" Birthday to Val and Krissy's dad !!  (I've been without internet services for several weeks, since my recent move to Spring Mills, Pa)

    Your Daddeeoooo sounds like my kind of dad ... I wish him many more years of health and good humor !!



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