Saturday, May 10, 2008

Winner of "Weekly Sentence" #13!...

Wow, I just spent an eternity doing a post announcing the winner of the "Weekly Sentence" and all of the submissions and what did I do?  I deleted it in one click.  LOL  I hope this isn't indicative of my weekend.  LOL  Ah... So, here we go again... LOL  I wanted to wish you all a happy Saturday and extend my gratitude as you guys are so consistent in playing this game.  I heard from a few of you that this game is one of your favorites.  I tried to create one that was easy enough to play, yet you could be as creative as you want.  So, thanks for being so consistent with your submissions!!  Now, on to the winner!...

The judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE!!:

Rose from Roses are Read:

Stop telling everyone secrets that damage!
Congratulations, Rose!!  If you are able, pay her a visit and congratulate her!  Here is your Award, Rose!  Right click and save as .gif.  If you have any problems, just pop me an email.


Many thanks to all of you who submitted this week!  The submissions are below:

  Still trying everything should tickle Don.
  Sometimes the elites seem terribly demanding.
  Some thieves eventually stole the dough.
  Seven tired Egyptians saddled their dromedaries.
  Some tell everyone simple tales daily.
  Speed traps establish safe traveling discipline.
  Strict teachers eradicate surly teenage disorder!
  Sorting through endless sales takes determination.
  Sometimes the eager stop to dream.
  Spring teases every sense towards delight.
  Stand to exhibit some true destiny.
  Stand tall encountering strength through determination.
  Sometimes these easy sentences turn difficult.

I will be posting six new letters tomorrow morning so pop back by!  Have a super Saturday!  Val =) xox


  1. Congratulation's to Rose. Great sentence. Aw My Val... I hate It when I get an entry all finished then delete It! Arghhh lol. Such a pest. Anyway. Have a great weekend. Catch you soon. Love Pam xx

  2. Oh I do like Nancy & Chas interps best.  ~Mary

  3. Congrats Rose, nice sentance. WTG, Bill

  4. Congratulations Rose!  Great sentence!  One we could live by for sure! :-)

  5. Oh man, that is NOT going to be an indication of the weekend! But boy do I know how it feels.
    AWESOME sentence! Truly very good and well worth being a winner! LOVED IT!

  6. Congratulations, Rose! We knew you could do it.
    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  7. Congratulations Rose!

  8. Well done rose xx



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