Saturday, May 17, 2008

Winners of "Weekly Sentence" #14!...

Good Saturday to all my "Weekly Sentence" players!  Gee, it has been so cold and rainy in my area the past couple of weeks.  It has me wondering if it will slip right into Summer with no Spring.   I want sunny Spring!  Ah, the sun just peaked out as I started typing this.  I hope it stays out so I can have some quality outside time today.   I miss being outside.  I like to go outside at least once a day and "connect" with nature somehow.  I guess all this rain will give us beautiful summer vegetation.  So, it's Saturday and time to announce the winners of the "Weekly Sentence".  I am having fun with this game!  Are you guys?

The judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE these two players!!:

 Nelishia from  THE TENTS OF DEBORAH

 Normal doesn't often steal the moment.

 Linda from Linda's World :
Nancy didn't offer suggestions that matter.

Congratulations again, Nelishia and Linda!
!  Pay these ladies a visit if you are able and congratulate them. 

Here are your awards, gals!  Right click and save as .gif.  If you have any problems, just pop me an email.


I want to thank all who submitted this week!  The submissions are below

  Neil described our singing to Mother.
  Never dismiss or sock the maid.
  Never disparage Olympic sports to me.
  Nanny's donuts often sweetens the mouth.
  Nay do ordinary spirits tempt me.
  Nostradamus deepened our society's thoughtful minds. 
  Notre Dame offers scholarships to men.
  Nick did one string thing Monday
.  (hugsdoodlewacky)
  Nice dogs only sniff the men.
  Nobody does offensive slurs to me. 
  Nothing dead or sad to moan. 
  No drama over Sam's tumultuous marriage.
  Now don't overspend that money! 
  Nine dogs of similar talents mingled.

Come back by for six new letters tomorrow morning!  Have a super day and thanks for stopping by!  Val =) xo


  1. Oh my goodness!  I'm very surprised.  I don't ever win anything!  I'm thrilled and honored.  I have a private journal that many of your readers are more familiar with and are a huge part of.  It is called Wishing and Hoping/Praying and Believing/

    It's sunny and beautiful down here near Atlanta.  I hope many sunny days for you too.  

    Again, thank you so very, very much.  I'm delighted beyond words.


  2. Great sentences! Sorry its raining your way- it finally hot here in the mountains of southern Callifornia. I am actually going to put my tomatoes out this week! Even with the cold we had I love this time of year. The oak trees here are just leafing while the ones down the hill have been out for weeks. What a difference altitude can make. See your letters tomorrow! Dannelle

  3. Oh wow...I've never won anything and now I have !!  I am excited.  Thanks !!  Linda in Washington state  

  4. I've proudly added the Certificate to my sidebar.  Thanks again Linda  

  5. thanks Val for doing this; off to offer congrats to the winners :)


  6. Hey My Val, Hope the sun shines brightly for you. Congratulations to both winners. Great sentences. Out of all the funny ones, yours was definately the funniest! lol. ;-) Love your Pam xx

  7. Great competition... you had a lot of responses... I wish those names in the list were linked so I could go visit the ones I haven't visited yet. bea

  8. HEY!  I don't like Linda's winning entry ONE bit!  lol

    : O


  9. What a great collection of sentences.  I saw prize winners there..too bad they all couldn't win.
    Also I am glad you keep reading my journal and I yours.
    Grandfather Groundhog

  10. Congrats to both of them xx


  11. Congratulations to Nelishia and Linda


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