Saturday, April 26, 2008

Winners of "Weekly Sentence" #11, etc.

Here I am posting the winners of the "Weekly Sentence" a day late again.  I am very sorry.  I had appointments yesterday.  Then I was so exhausted I fell into bed.  I am considering running this game Sunday through Saturday - in other words, posting the winners on Saturday and the six new letters on Sunday.  How would you guys like that?  It would be easier for me.  So, Matt gave back his Agama Lizards and now has a Red-Tailed Boa.  Yes, that's a snake.  ~sigh~.  I think he is infatuated with reptiles.  I actually held him.  He is small yet.  It wasn't so bad.  I don't think I will like him when he gets much larger.  LOL

Now for the "Weekly Sentence" winners!!...

I would like to
congratulate these two players!!:

  Bill from Just Plain Bill

Please take another tall, meaty llama.

Jan from Gryphondear's Word of the Day:

Pancakes take a trifle more lard.

If you are able, please visit these journals and congratulate them!  Here are your Awards, Bill and Jan!!  Right click them andsave as .gif.  If you have any problems, just pop me an email.


Below are the sentences also submitted this week.  I thank each and everyone who played!!:

  Please tell Adam to meet Lucy. 
  Parents think all teenagers might lie. 
  Parent the addicts, they may live. 
  Practicing the arts travel many languages. 
  People trembled at the mountain lion. 
  Placing these anagrams took marvelous logo. 
(chasferris) comes with a
.  Very creative, Chuck =)!!
  Please take all the mail letters. 
  Please tell all things my love! 
  Pretty talented actors tell meaningless lies. 
  Please tape all the men's lips! 
  Pam tentatively awaits the millionaire's lifestyle. 
  Please take Adam to Mary Levine. 
  Parents take apart the mother's love. 
  Physical therapy almost tamed my lumbago. 
  Pretty tiny ant took my lunch. 

I will be posting six new letters tomorrow morning so come back by!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful, warm, Spring day!!  Val =) xox



  1. Whatever works for you! I could not think of a sentence last week, but the entries you recieved were great! Dannelle

  2. I'm not picky so whenever is good for me!  I'm not sure I'd be able to accept a snake in the house LOL.  ICK!  CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!  I also liked the one about taping men's lips LOL.  What a kicker.

  3. Thanks, Val. I've got the award on my sidebar so my readers can flip over to your journal for details.
    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  4. Thanks Val, for the award. I juct got home from my grandson's birthday party. It was held at a local zoo and had about twenty of his friends/classmates in attendance. We did tour the zoo and saw an Alpaca (close enough to a LLama) and were warned that he bites.
    I do not bite much or too hard and cannot believe my sentance was selected. All the entries look good or great to me
    Thanks again. Bill

  5. I'll go over and congratulate them; those were cute sentences, I liked Robin's too (parents think all teenagers might lie); that's a true statement, LOL

    I like the new schedule you are going to post for the weekly sentence and people have time to do it on a weekend more I would think

    thanks Val!

    you are braver than me allowing a snake in the home; I'd be terrified it would get out of its container


  6. Congratulations Bill and Jan.Good job!!

  7. Congratulations to the winners :o)


  8. Congrats!!  Some are so true!

  9. Hi Val. Congratulations to the winners. Great choices. A red tailed boa? Oh! I am shivering at the thought! lol. I am sure he will be a nice wee fellow! lol. Hope you are well. Love Pam xx


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