Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"WS" #11 reminder...

This is a reminder that if you intend to submit a "Weekly Sentence" it's due in about 26 hours.  You all have an extra day because I am a day behind with the game.  Visit the entry !!  The letters are PTATML.  You know you want to try =) !!



  1. thanks Val!!

    hope you are having a good day


  2. This is a funny response to the weekly sentence off the top of my head I though you might enjoy.   PTATML =   Pretty tiny ant took my lunch.       Well, my back is doing rather well and I am wearing my brace all the time.    It is the same type of brace you see workers wear that do lifting to protect their back.   It just wraps around and and has a stiffer  part in the back to immobilize the lumbar.   It first attaches with the wide velcro once, and then has the belt size velcro the cinches up to make it tight and so that the underneath will not loosen.    I have more energy and feel more strenght.    Of course I can not lift more than a gallon of milk for another 4 weeks that allows me to lift just under 10 lbs.    I can not twist,bend,squat, or etc.    You would think I can not move, but mostly I do not twist.    I have to bend some and squat a little just to move around and pick up things.     I can feel what causes pain.    mark


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