Sunday, April 13, 2008

100 Things About Me (1 - 50)...

                                     100 Things About Me

I am 42.
2.   I am a mom to two - Chelsea and Matt.
3.   I am a grandma to two - Josiah and Jonah (they belong to Chelsea.).
4.   I was born and raised in Virginia.
5.   I live in central Pennsylvania.
6.   I love Pennsylvania.  It's a beautiful state to live in.
7.   I don't drink.  I have nothing against it.  It doesn't agree with me.
8.   I am presently trying to quit smoking.
9.   I have had two brain surgeries.
10.  I have a shunt in my head.
11.  I live with pain and fatigue 24/7.  I am not bitter about it.
12.  I have fibromyalgia and Chiari Malformation.
13.  I was bald after my second brain surgery.
14.  I loved being bald.  I often think I want to be bald again.
15.  My hair was stick straight all my life until my second brain surgery.
16.  My hair grew back in bubble curls after the second surgery.  What a blessing!
17.  I have two cats - Honey and Baby.
18.  Honey is sweet and sedate.  Baby is a mean bruiser.
19.  That isn't about me.  I love cats, though.  I like dogs, too.  I like all animals.
20.  I love color.  Especially red.  If I were a color I would be red.
21.  I collect colored glass.
22.  I love rocks and gems and minerals.  I love reading about them.
23.  I have a rocks and minerals collection.
24.  I have a favorite rock.  It's blue/green.
25.  I have a favorite gem.  It's an aquamarine.  That's my daughter and sister
       Krissy's birthstone.

26.  I never get bored.
27.  I wore glasses from the time I was 11 until I was 38.  I was near-sighted.  I
       woke up one morning and I had 20/20 vision!  There is no explanation for this.

28.  I have ESP.
29.  I was baptized Catholic as a baby.  I attended many Protestant churches as a
       teen and adult, then became an adult Catholic convert and had my First
       Confession and Communion when I was 39.

30.  I was married and divorced twice.  This has not tainted my view of marriage.
       I would like to get married a third time.

31.  I have been dating John for almost three years.
32.  I played the violin in Middle School and High School.  I quit playing when
       someone stole my instrument.  I often think of picking it up again.

33.  I also played the acoustic guitar when I was very young.  I took lessons.
34.  I would love to learn how to play the piano and wooden flute someday.
35.  I was born with elevenfingers.  The eleventh was taken off surgically as an

36.  I can pick up objects with my toes.
I have found thousands of 4-leaf clovers in my life.  I have also found
       hundreds five-leaf, dozens of six and one seven.  I am looking for the elusive
       eight.  Yes, I have ESP.  It is location ESP.

My guardian angel's name is Gloria.
I graduated #13 out of 550 students with a G.P.A. of 3.826.  The only problem
       I had getting an "A" in was math-related courses.  I got an occasional "B" in

I didn't go to college because I got sick.  I am bipolar and have OCD
       (obsessive-compulsive disorder).  These are controlled very well by medicine
       at the present.  They weren't always.  I spent 30 years being depressed.  Life
       is good now =)!!

I love to paint.  I use watercolors and acrylics.  I love looking at the colors
       and mixing them.  It is very relaxing.

Speaking of relaxation, I can do transcendental meditation.  It is a wonderful
       way to relax!

I plan on writing a book someday.  It is half written in my head.
I can say the alphabet from A to Z in one word.  It is Big Bird's favorite word,
       you know.

I can wiggle my eyeballs.
I can do a mean Grover impersonation.
When I read blogs from the U.K.  I often read them with a British accent in my
       head.  Does anyone else do this??  Have you found me odd yet??

I can do a frog impersonation, too.  And a lizard.  LOL
I won a couple of art contests as a child.  One in a county fair and one for a 
       newspaper.  I drew a watercolor of a kid in a yard by a house and a dragon.

I think most people are inherently good.

I will continue this list in the next day or two!!  Stay tuned....


  1. Sissy, what a wonderful 100 things!  Or 50 so far!  This is so neat.  I want to thank you for being so honest.  It is hard to put oneself out there, this I know!  This is a lot more interesting and special than most of these lists I have seen, because you really gave of yourself and were honest.  You know, even I learned more about you, by what you chose to feature.  And I am close to you, Sissy!  Love you so much,

    Krissy :)

  2. this was neat to read, Val, to get to know you better; to see your frog/lizard impersonations would be fun :)

    looking forward to the other 50 when you post them


  3. ((((((((((((VAL))))))))))))))))))))I wish I never got bored like you.Give me some advice on that.LOL.Oh yeah,I am sorry I havent played the Sentences game lately,sometimes I looses track of playing.Send me an email.Love you.

  4. this was neat to read!

    ~~Make It A Great Day~~

  5. I agree with sis Krissy; this is awesome because you really gave yourself over to it. I love reading all the things you can enjoy and participate in that you most likely did not when you were depressed. I love this because you know I know the contrast--what a difference--we're talking quality of life! You are so creative, complex, interesting, simple, extraordinary! Love you lots and praying every day you won't be tempted to smoke~Deb ;-)

  6. This was interesting. What is location ESP?

  7. these were great...looking forward to the next 50.  i, too, have found numerous 4 leaf, 5, 6, and even 7 leaf clovers!  good to know someone else has this knack.  lol

  8. Loved are a very interesting and I can't wait to read the other 50.  Maybe after my class I will do something like this, seen others do it and think its really cool.  Love the kids names.

  9. Val, I loved reading this!  I thought I knew ALL about you, but I learned quite a few new things! This was fun to read!  I am going to do 50, too. Although no one hardly ever reads my journal so no one will probably read them (or care.) Ah, I don't work hard enough to keep my journal up to speed of this modern world.  I have a friend (I think you know her, LOL) who got me started in graphic groups.  Between them and my personal email (& I write quite a bit and receive quite a bit) I think my journal gets neglected. But I really don't gues it's a priority with me.  However, I love other people's journals! Espeically yours, Krissy's and a few more, but I have mentioned all the names I care to.

    Dave plays both types of the guitars you do, I think I have told you that.  See you on the Internet. Love, Merry

  10. Holy Shit to #27.  Hope the fibromyalgia and Chiari Malformation goes away the same!  At sto # 28... did you know what as I was going to say to #27 LOL!  Just kidding!  Couldn't resist.

    I have 3 guardain angels  Jamima, Karen and Kazeme.  

    Get the book typed up!  :D

    Love #47!  I can't read them in the accent but I do hear them in the accent!

  11. My son is having some increased problems due to Chiari.  We go back up to NY in May.  Loved the first 50 things about you, can't wait to read the next 50.

  12. I loved reading your 50 things. It is nice to get to know you better.  I think I'll try to post 50 as well.

    Best Wishes

  13. This is a great way to get to know you better :o)  I just wish you were doing this in person though so I could ask you to do those impersonations and play me something on the violin and talk to me about your ESP coz that sounds interesting xx


  14. Such fun! (except for the bad stuff) Glad to make your aquaintance! Get those workds on paper girl, and maybe you can be the next great author! Dannelle

  15. There are some amazing things here about you!
    Linda :)


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