Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekly Sentence #8 winners!, etc...

Good Friday to everyone!!  I quit smoking this week.  I'm on Chantix, the smoking-cessation pill.  It's working rather well.  I am feeling a bit cranky and very tired from the nicotine withdrawal, but other than that, it is going well.  I haven't smoked in four days!  If you are the praying type, I would love your prayers for continued success.  It has been a super hard struggle for me to quit in the past.  Thanks!  So, today is time to announce the winners of "Weekly Sentence" with Val.  I loved reading the sentences this week!  They made me think of Spring!!!  How HAPPY is that?!!!

I wanted to congratulate:

  Joann from Joann's Weight Loss Journey:

Saved people relax in noble grace!!!

Grace from My Llama Wears Army Boots:

Special people readily invent nifty gizmos.

Here are your Awards, ladies.  Right click on the Awards and save as .gif.  If you have any problems, just pop me an email!


The sentences below were also submitted this week.  I want to thank everyone for participating!!

  Sex plus romance inspires nymphomaniac gyrations.  (attitudeslc)
  Such pretty roses in new garden.  (madcobug)
  Spring positively reinforces inner nice goodness.  (sr2404)
  Samantha pondered relationship intimacy, not gardening!  (sassydee50)
  Spring, people rejoice in new gifts.  (buggieboo1)
  Silly people rejoice in new growth.  (hpycmpr155)

  Seth playfully ran in Nana's garden.  (lv2trnscrb)
  Spring pours rain into new growth.  (swmpgrly)
  Singing prayer radiates inspirational new guidance.  (pamal3)
  Some people really intrigue nosey girls.  (specialadyfink)
  Silly people rarely initiate noticeable goals.  (ab45yui)
  Silence provides reflective inner notable good.  (luddie343)
  Snow plows rust in new grass.  (gandsbrock)

On a final note, Krissy
and I started a gamein Magic Smoke if you want to pop over and play!  You can win an Award for your sidebar!!  See you over there!  Hope you have a good weekend!  Val =)

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  1. WOO HOO!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to post it tonight!!!  Rushing off to work now!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  HOW FUN!!!!!!!


  2. WTG on quitting smoking!!!!!!
    have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations Joann and Grace.
    Great sentences.

  4. My mom who WAS a smoker for like 40 years took that pill for several months and hasn't touch a cigarette since July!  Congrats!!!


  5. good for you, Val, for giving Chantix a try! I've heard good things about it and like a doctor once said "its the best gift you can give to your body to quit smoking"

    great sentences; thanks for doing this!


  6. ((((((((((((((((((((((VAL)))))))))))))))))I will be praying for your continued to stop smoking.

  7. GRR I always forget to add my sentence!  lol  I will next week!!!  Great sentences tho!  

  8. Another thing!!! GREAT Job for choosing the smoke free life!  I am SOO proud of you!

  9. ahh some very nice entries!  And it was nice to meet two other blogers!


  10. Congrats to the winners. I pray that you can remain smoke free. Helen

  11. This is great news!  I'm so glad that you quit smoking.  That is exciting news, and I know you are looking forward to a smoke free future.  I'm very proud of you!


  12. Congrats Joann and Grace.  And Val I am so proud of you for not smoking!

    Krissy :)

  13. First off, congratulations Val - what an accomplishment!  I am so happy for you!  Next up, congratulations to both Joann and Grace!  I always enjoy reading everyone's input and its so funny how diverse they can be LOL.

  14. I am so proud of you, quitting smoking!!
    Linda :)

  15. Congrats on quitting smoking. I know it's hard. I hope you keep it up!

  16. Well Done on quitting the fags. My theory Is: If I can do it, anyone can! lol. To this day I still stand by that. I lived for my fags, They were my pleasure, my cushion, when times got bad. I had a hangover one Monday and while still being half merry and half Ill, I decided to see if I could stop. I smoked my last fag that monday morning and counted the hours one by one that I stayed off them, I drank Earl Grey tea (with milk cos I'm not that posh!! lol) to stay calm, (as I was rather uptight!!!!) and I have been off them for a year and 6 months. For every hour that passes on the clock Val, Tell yourself well done and In the background I will be saying the same to you. Good luck. Any encouragement required....Mail me! lol. It makes a huge difference when just one person says well done. Love Pam xx

  17. Lol. Well done to the winners, I knew there was something I had missed!!! What am I like?? lol. Brilliant sentences, Loved them all. Love Pam xx

  18. There were some really good sentences this week.... so it's a real honor to win this one!!!  Thanks!!  And Congrats to WillandGrace for her win, too!!!


  19. I, too used Chantix and I've been smoke free for 15 months now!  Whoo Hooo.

    Keep up the good work.  Remember it is a 12 week program and yes I know the prescription is expensive but no more than you would pay for cigarettes for the month.

    After a year, you are entitled to contact your health insurance company and request a Tobacco Review.  It will lower your premiums quite a bit.

    Best of luck to you.  I will keep you in my prayers


  20. Special People Really Inspire Nice Gifts!  Congrats ladies!  xoxo CATHY


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