Monday, April 14, 2008

100 Things About Me (51 - 100)

                                        100 Things About Me (51 - 100)

51.   I was a legal secretary for 11 lawyers when I was 20 years old.  I enjoyed
        the job.

My favorite job ever was being a cashier in a fast food restaurant.
I have kept a diary all my life - either a paper one or a blog online.  One day
        I threw out all my paper diaries from the past realizing they would be read
        after my death.

God is my best friend.
   I am comforted that He knows me from head to toe without my speaking a  

I love nature.  I see it as God's art work.
I hate to shop.  It saves me money.
I can put my right leg behind my head.
There is almost no food I don't like.  I can eat almost anything.  If I don't
        like a food, it is usually the texture that bothers me, not the taste.

  I can use chopsticks.  I prefer them over a fork and knife.
   I don't like meat very much.  I could easily live without it.
I prefer raw foods over cooked.
I love ice cream.
  I would be five pounds lighter if I didn't like sweets so much.
  I like to color with crayons.
.   I am a late night person.  I DO NOT do mid-afternoons and early evenings.
.   I am often a loner.  I can be happy going days not talking to anyone.
   I have talked more than one person out of suicide.  I also know a few people
        who have committed suicide.

I started going gray in my early 20's.
I think you should do something nice for someone every day.
   I can't swim.  I attribute this to two near-drowning experiences when I was a
        child.  At least I remember them that way in my head.

I love the beach - especially at night.  I love the sounds and smells of the

   I can't sing well, but I do it anyway.
I think everyone can use a good therapist.
   I love music - all kinds except rap.
  I never turn my TV on until the evening time.
.   I think prayer is the best gift you can give someone.
I have stacks of books I need to read.  I used to read three - five books a
        week.  That was before Gore invented the internet.  LOL

  I hate the telephone.  I feel like a captured audience.  It fatigues me.  I think
        this has something to do with fibromyalgia.

  Pain and fatigue have taught me to slow down and enjoy life more.  They have
        been blessings in disguise.

  I believe the deeper your pain goes the higher your joy can be.
   Joy is my favorite word.
  "What a Wonderful World" is my favorite song.  I love the lyrics.
  I enjoy doing crossword puzzles, word games, and sudokus daily.
  I am Irish, German, Hungarian, and Welsh.
I am related to Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keshan) on my mom's side.
   For many Halloween's, as a child, I used to dress up as a gypsy, in honor of
        my Hungarian roots.  I felt pretty.

  When I was a tiny tot, I used to think that I would slip down the drain of the
        bathtub, so I was too afraid to take a bath.  My sister, Therese, showed me
        that my big toe didn't fit down the drain, therefore I wouldn't fit.  It cured
        me of this fear.

  I also remember having a fear of dying of thirst when I was teeny tiny.  I
        needed to have a glass of water before I went to bed.  I had many, many
        fears as a toddler and child.  I wonder if my (undiagnosed) skull malformation
        (and it causing pressure on my brain) caused these fears.

  I grew up with four sisters and one brother.  My parents and siblings are all
        still alive.

I have to have a fan going to sleep at night.  I love the sound of it and the
        moving air.

I prefer sitting on the floor over sitting in a chair.
   I sleep with at least eight pillows strategically placed around me.  Only one is
        under my head.

  I almost never get on the computer at night.  It overstimulates me.  I use it
        at night about four times a year.  I am on it early in the morning daily.

I have a problem with overstimulation and hypervigilence.  It comes with
        having a swollen brain for almost 40 years.  I can only concentrate on an
        activity for an hour or two and then my brain starts to shut down.  If it is the
        evening, it is worse.  I turn all the lights off in my home around 4PM and they
        stay off until the next day.

I have a sign on my door that says, "Only knock between 10AM and 3:30PM".
        Most people ignore it and knock anyway.

My biggest dream is to own my own home someday and decorate the entire
        house myself.  I don't feel grounded knowing I don't own a place where I can
        "grow old and die" at.

My favorite smell is fresh air - that first day when it is warm enough to open
        the windows of your home and let the air move through.  If someone could
        bottle that smell, they would make a fortune.

I want to make my own drum someday.  I will.
I have collected all the fabric to make my first quilt.  Next, I would like to
        make a simple pattern and make the quilt.

For those of you who are still hanging in there, thanks so much for reading this list!!  I had fun compiling it!!  If you do a list of your 100 Things, come leave your entry URL so I can have a look!!  Have a good week!!  Hugs!!  Val =) ox


  1. I loved reading this. You and I have some things in common. I can go days without talking to anyone, too. My sister is like that. We call it "hibernating." I think it rejuvenates our energy.
    I liked #64...I would be 50lbs lighter if I didn't like sweets so much!
    I found it interesting that you get overstimulated by the computer at night. I find it very relaxing. It is the last thing I do in the night before I go to bed. Then, in bed I break out a book to read.
    If you are so inclined...I'd enjoy reading another list of things about you. I found this interesting. I may do it in my journal.

  2. I hope you get that home of your heart, my Maire.  I can't think of 100 things about myself lol without putting people to sleep, but yours was delightful reading.  As always, "getting to know yoooo...."!! xoxo Your Cateri

  3. I like your door sign.  I gotta get me one of those! :-D  Glad you posted this.  I liked learning more about you.  


  4. WOW!  I don't know if I can think of 100 things about me, but I think I'm going to try.  

  5. I dont understand 96

    96.   I have a sign on my door that says, "Only knock between 10AM and 3:30PM".
           Most people ignore it and knock anyway.

    Why do you do that?

    --- Christopher

  6. Wow, so things shut down at your house around 4pm?  That is just when I am starting to really function well.  I can imagine that your sign saying not to know isn't all that effective.  Most people will assume everyone else abides by it, and will think "she won't mind making an exception for me".  These have been quite interesting Val, thanks for sharing.


  7. It's funny how many of those I can relate going grey really early


  8. I think number 51. is fascinating.  You really liked to work for those lawyers!  I remember that!  And I worked for the Comptroller in the same place!

    Krissy :)  

  9. Hi Valerie. I didn't know you very well growing up, sorry to say...Now I am really starting to, lol!  After reading your list I realize that there are only about 5 or 6 things that are disimilar between us.  OMG, I just finished up with my Native American Drum. It is made from birch and elk skin. My son Steve who had hydrocephalus, developed Post Traumatic Stress disorder from it, and has recovered only marginally. Last but not least...,our birthdays are close together, do you remember sharing birthday cakes together some years? Yeah, with our brother too! Since we share some of the same genes, we both must have been drowning in the same gene pool! I had near drowning incidents also.

  10. these were great.  i especially liked #54 and 56.  and wow to 58!!!

  11. I've always wanted to learn to quilt.  Maybe someday!  I just went out and invested in a shredder to dispose of my old journals, LOL.  I know what you mean.  Private journals should never be read.

  12. Val~I learned so much about you--wow! Am going to look up those song lyrics. We have a lot in common ya know?  ;-) #53 Has got me thinking--would I want mine read after??? 54-6. Right on! 57 I'm opposite here ;-( I Wouldn't guess you are a loner! 74. I've always said this & think the world would be a much better place. 78. close to the same 80. Great attitude--congrats; I think you are strong and brave. 81. A therapist told me this abt. myself when I was really down and I always remember it. Those fears as a child must've been miserable at times---ahh, poor baby. So glad you're so much better. OK--I'll restrain myself from commenting on each number now! LOL. Prayers going up for your non-smoking!
    Love you~Deb ;-) PS. My son feels same abt. phone.

  13. another great list to know more about you, Val!!

    I like to color with crayons too,LOL!

    you are a very fascinating person; thanks for sharing yourself with us


  14. This was fun to read val!  You sound a lot like me.  I think I will do a list of 100 too. ~journey

  15. (((((((((((((((((((((((VAL))))))))))))))))))))Have a nice day.

  16. OH my you threw out all those diary pages?  I hope my sister doesn't do that!  She has kept a diary her whole life too and I mean she wrote in it every hour on the hour! Were all excited about it because someday we are hoping to read it and remember our past. that you said that I wonder if we even should!?  Would that be wrong?  Or would we be disrespecting her? I don't know if I want to!  

  17.  That is amazing.  I don't think I could come up with 50 things much less 100.  I enjoyed reading all 100.


  18. Hi Val,

    Thanks for your comment on my journal--I'm glad to hear that you "get it!"


  19. I like the 100 things about you.  One of the most remarkable is that you would actually do the whole hudred.  Most of these things I knew,but was delighted to learn more.  I am especially fascinated with  your ESP about locations. I wonder how that works.  I knew someone who had ESP about colors.  It worked.
      I feel a special bond with you...don't know why.  I just do.  

  20. Hi Val!  I love your list again today!  I am so behind in my email & also my Journaling.  One day soon, I want to answer your 100 questions and when I do, I will let you know so you can read them.  You do such fun topics! Love, Merry

  21. This was great!
    So many more amazing things...
    Linda :)

  22. Hi Val,

    Great Topic!  Wow, 100 things about was great!  I may give it a try...I started to jot down a few things and I'm up to #44 right now.  I'll give it some more thought.

    I've been so hooked on the graphics and animations and having a great time with that.  Everyone has been so sweet.

    Hugs, Rose


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