Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekly Sentence, what's up...

"Find me a place in the sunlight to sit and
think and listen to the sweet inner voice
that says so quietly, 'Peace, be still.'"

- Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Hi!  I am so behind on everything.  So behind and very tired.  I am going to post the winners of the "Weekly Sentence" game tomorrow morning when I post the six new letters.  I just can't stay on the computer any longer today.  I'm very sorry and I hope you all forgive me.

John and I were in the car most of the day yesterday.  We went out of town to his cardiologist.  He is doing very well!!  There is just a "sliver" of water around his heart that should be absorbed naturally.  We are both so relieved!!  The interesting thing about the fluid being drained is that John no longer has sleep apnea!!  The fluid was the obstruction that was causing this!  WOW!  I also realized that he has had this fluid for at least as long as we have been dating - almost 3 years - because he has had the sleep apnea that long, among other symptoms the doctor explained were caused by the fluid.  I am amazed it had gone undetected that long.

Matt's lizard passed away.  Poor Matt.  The lizard got some kind of patchy spots and died.  He passed away while Matt was out of town.  I don't like this because he was in my care.  ~sigh~  I really liked the lizard.  He was actually very sweet.

Okay, I am off of here.  I will return tomorrow morning to hand out Awards and post six new letters.  Thanks for understanding.  Have a good weekend, my friends!  Val =)


  1. Hi Val... Don't worry about not feeling well enough to be online... Just do what you must for yourself because no one else can do it... Good to hear that John will be okay... The human body is a wonderous thing... complex and full of mystery... Sorry to hear about Matt's lizard... And it's not very pleasant to have it expire while in your care, although through no fault of your own... My little miniature pinscher of seven years died one evening while lying on our bed... I did not expect it... It devistated me then and still does to this day... that was four years ago... It's a little bit of a long story, one I may write about in my journal at some point.  Hey, I snagged your quote by Joyce Hifler... going to include it in an email to all those in my address book... Have a great weekend! ~Journey

  2. Hey it's ok! Remember you were early last week! Glad to hear good news about John. Dannelle PS My lizard died the same way with patchy spots, someone told me to oil it and unfortunately I think it cooked under the heat lamp- I learned not to do that again.

  3. So glad John is doing better!  That is great!  And no CPAP machine.  Hooray!  Sissy, so sorry I joked that you killed Matty's lizard.  That was mean of me.  I know you didn't.  So sorry I said that. :(


  4. Hey Val. I am so pleased to hear about John. I won't waffle to you here because I will take up too much room so I am off now to send you a wee cheery email. Love Pam xx

  5. so glad your John got a good report at the doctor! take care of yourself, Val


  6. Glad that John got good news. I have never heard that fluid on the heart could cause the sleep apnea. I can see why though as a person can't hardly breathe with that fluid buildup. Sorry about the lizard. Helen

  7. Hi Val.  Sorry to hear about the lizard's passing.  I hope you get some good rest.

  8. Glad John is doing well!!
    sorry about the lizard......
    Linda :)

  9. Great for John!  This is wonderful news, s.a. is so frightening.  So the lizard is enjoying his next life, that's the way of things eh?  Alot of repilian life have developed a fungus, it could've been that.  Either or, life goes on.  Then on again.  And it all works, yes?  Stay sweet my Maire - xoxo Your CAter

  10. Dearest Valerie: I thought I already answered this but guess I did  not as I am not down in your comment section. (Maybe I emailed you about it?)  I am so happy John got a good report, that has to be a very big relief.  I am so sorry you have other worries right now, you & I know what they are.  Thanks for the wonderful Anniversary wishes.  I always thought you have to be old to be married 46 years, but that can't be, as we certainly are NOT old. (LOL) Sorry Matt lost his pet.  Love, Merry


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