Monday, July 30, 2007

New Hunt subject!! LOLpet update...

I went to do an LOLcat this morning and their website is down!  It has been so popular that they are looking for a new server.  I am so, so sorry everyone!  I will be checking in on the site occasionally and will let you all know when I will start this new creative endeavor.

Now on to this week's Scavenger Hunt subject...


Photo Scavenger Hunt #116 will be due on
Sunday, August, 5, at 11:00 PM EST.
Our subject this week will be:
  "your/a favorite place" -

Jaymi from Throw me a Bone
suggested this topic.  Thanks, Jaymi!  I think it will be an interesting one!  Please put your FULL entry URL in the comments section below. If you have any questions about uploading or posting feel free to email me at  I hope you all have lots of fun with this one!!

              my favorite place - the ocean at night!


  1. I've heard that site has been growing by leaps an bounds.  have a good week.

  2. Hey Val,

    Saying hello... Just to let ya know I am still reading your blog lol!

    Thought I would stop by since I havent heard from you in awhile!

    Take Care,

  3. I love the ocean at night too.

  4. ya don't have to give me credit for my ideas--just use them as you would like

    here's my entry though--the text is funny--but the pics are good

  5. Hey Val~Glad you decided to continue~I am going to send myself a reminder for this Sunday and try to development my film by then. Mine will surely be an ocean shot! Take care--interesting idea about LOLPets--will check it out. Hope this is a good week for you too, hon~xox Deb ;-)

    Linda :)

  7. Hello Val - I'm about again and here's my link to this weeks #116 photo hunt.

    Am all behind on journals "like a cows tail" as they say. Hope you and yours are keeping well. Lots of love & hugs .............. Sylviaxxx

  8. Hey Val~Beautiful graphic. I am still thinking about the shot I missed last year of a full moon on the water at night! Too bad this year I couldn't even find a decent sunset. Them's the breaks. ;-) Have fun grandma ;-) Deb ;-)


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