Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hunt news, new installment/game - LOLpets!!!.....

Happy Sunday everyone!  I have two announcements to make.  The first one is that Krissy and I have decided to continue The Photo Scavenger Hunt!  Quite a number of you wanted it to continue so we are granting your wish.  I am excited about this!!  I really didn't want to see it put on a shelf.   It would have made me sad personally.  I got some very good ideas from some of you, too, and this has me excited!!  I will be using some of these ideas, so thank you, so, so much!!  I will be giving you a new subject in the next day or so.

The other thing I wanted to let you all know is that I will be starting what I am going to be calling LOLpets on Mondays.    In early June, Joe at Magic Smoke
  introduced us to the LOLcat Buildr.  Krissy did an entry with her kitty, Michael, and it has been seen in a few journals since this introduction.  I thought it would be fun to showcase our pets in a special, creative way!  So on Monday (tomorrow) I am going to be doing an LOLpet (probably an LOLcat as I have cats) and I am hoping that some of you will join me in your journals and do your own!!  I would like you to then come back and leave your entry link so others can come see your entry, your pet!!  I will feature your links the following Monday when I do my next LOLpet.  Please let other journalers know if you think they would like to participate!!  I do hope you all will like this new idea.  I am so excited that I will be seeing your pets!!  If you have any questions on how this will work just drop me an email at

Take care!!  I will be back tomorrow and you will see my first LOLcat and hear a bit about my kitty, Honey.  Hugs and pet your furry ones for me today!! xox



  1. That sounds fun Val.  I love telling the story of my little 5 lb ball of fur, Gabi.    Linda in Washington state

  2. Sniff, sniff, I don't have any pets. Does my 5yr old count as one. She is a real animal and can get in lots of mischeif, lol. I am sooooooooooooo happy the Photo Hunt is staying. And I promise I will participate alot more often. (((((((hugs))))))))

  3. ((((((((((((((VAL)))))))))))))))))))Woooooooooooohoooooooooooo,so glad that the Photo Hunt is still on,cant wait to see what the next subject is.I dont hany pets now,as I did when I was younger.But I will check them out.I hope you have a nice week ahead.

  4. Hi Val!  I hope I am up to doing both LOLpets and the scavenger hunt.  I love the hunt, but haven't used my camera in a while and LOLpets sounds like a scumptious idea!  All my love and prayers, Penny

  5. Hi Val, glad your keeping the hunt, its fun even though I have not done it in awhile. I love your cat graphic. Keep the faith



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