Sunday, July 22, 2007

About Photo Hunt... What do you want to do?...

Happy Saturday everyone!  Sorry I am a day late reporting back about the Scavenger Hunt.  I babysat Josiah yesterday for eight hours.  He is a ball of fun, but he zaps every bit of energy out of me, so I couldn't get on the computer after he left.

About the Photo Scavenger Hunt,  I was speaking with Krissy three days ago.  We have noticed that participation for the Hunt has been way down.  Only two journals have participated in the last two Hunts and the subjects were very, very easy.  We were wondering what you guys wanted to do.  The decision is YOURS!  We will be happy to keep the Hunt going IF a few of you want it to keep going.  Am I choosing subjects that you don't like?  Is it summer activities that are keeping you from the Hunt?  Let us know!  Talk to us in the comments section!!  We will resume the Hunt October 1 if there is not enough interest.  If there is, we would love to keep it going!! 

            Thanks from me and Krissy, guys!! xox



  1. Oh, I love those blue cat fairies, Val, LOL!  I am waiting in anticipation to see what people will say in answer to your questions.  If they want to wait till Oct. 1 I will understand.  Summer is a busy time.  Love you, Sister,

    Krissy :)

  2. I bet participation is only down because of vacation time.  I don't participate, I should I know, but I always enjoy the pics.

  3. I think we should continue.  I haven't participated in the last couple one, because I just couldn't think of anything to post.  But, I do enjoy the entires that are posted.  How about everyother week...until after Labor Day ?    Linda in Washington state  

  4. The reason I have not participated in the hunt recently is that none of the themes have really applied to anything that I have.  They do, however, go well with family snapshots, so I'm confused as to why you don't have more participation.  I'll participate again when I have something that fits the theme a bit better.


  5. You know I am always here for you but if you want to take a break til October that is ok too....
    Linda :)

  6.  I am sorry I haven't participated lately.  I really do like them.  Please continue and I'll do better about getting my entry in.  Thanks for doing it also.


  7. I"d like you to keep it going...but I apologize if I don't always partake.  It's rarely the subject!!


  8. ((((((((((((((((9HUGSOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))You know I love the Photo Hunt,please dont shut it down.Keep it going.Have a good week.

  9. My problem has been the themes are just kind of blah--they aren't catching my eye.

    I liked it better when I was off searching for something or taking a picture of something--or something where there could be something really creative.

    I was halfway tempted to just put a picture of a green square for my favorite color--just because I was so unispired.

    It's not up to you and Krissy to inspire--so I don't know.

  10. I don't think I have participated in about 2 years.  It's not because I don't want to. . . I keep telling myself, "I can do this one!"  then I just forget to get the camera out and do it.  I'm so sorry Val and Krissy.  I would like to see it continue and I promise I will truly make an effort.  Loves and blessings, Penny

  11. I would like to see it keep going. I do try to participate, but then when it's due something always happens and I forget. I tell people it's the chemo i had and ate my remembering brain cells, cause lately i can't remember crap, lol. Or maybe it's old age, lol. If it stays I will try harder to participate. (((((hugs))))))

  12. it's not that i dont want to participate....seems like the time slips by before i know it!  i'm hoping that i'm going to have lots more time soon.  i would like to see it continue.

  13. Hey Sis'~It might be better to pick up in October when perhaps people stay home more...I think limited time and my not having a digital camera (then you can get those "now" shots) keeps me from posting more often. I hope you will take a break if that is what others want also or keep going, but definately don't disappear! xox Deb ;-)

  14. I'd like to see it kept going - I know I haven't participated every week as I used to, but probs with surgery and Ron were the main distractions.
    Would like to have some fun again though - so that we have to go off searching for something and using our imagination. How about  a black & white or sepia entry entry one week or Unusual buildings and local architecture. Country scenes (those who live in towns could show us their parks.) Another one could be clocks, not just the ones you have at home as there are clocks on and in buildings, railway stations etc. will leave it at that for tonight as I'm falling asleep lol. Plenty more ideas in the bag if you want though.
    Take care, keep it going.
    Lots of love...Sylviaxxx


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