Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To honor Moms...



It was amazing to read all of the "mom-isms" that everyone contributed this past week!  It made my Mother's Day weekend extra special thinking about all the moms in J-Land and their mothers as the comments were coming in.  Thanks everyone!

I am listing these "mom-isms" below.  I want to honor all J-Land's moms and their moms!!  Here they are in no particular order, from no particular mom...

      "If you go outside with wet hair when it is cold, you will get sick."
"You don't have the sense you were born with."
      "People in hell want ice water."
"You never miss the water 'til the well runs dry."
      "It all gets mixed together in your stomach."
"Just wait 'til you have kids of your own!"
      "If people don't like you for who you are, they aren't your friends."
"Be a leader, not a follower."
      "I love you!"
"Go back and wash your hands properly.  Hands don't stop at your wrists."
      "Keep your name clean!"
"Goodness gracious goodness Agnes!"
      "I told you a thousand times not to exaggerate!"
"Don't cross your eyes, if someone hits you in the back of the head they
        will get stuck that way!"

      "Learn from your mistakes."
"Wait until you have children!"
      "Love your brothers as they are the family that will be with you the longest
        and they are the ones you can depend on to be there for you."
"We'll just see how you do!"
      "Nursing is a good profession to fall back on."
"Wait 'til your Father gets home!"
      "Close your mouth or flies will get in!"
"Is he/she Catholic?"
      "Are you going to church?"
"Think of all those starving kids overseas!"
      "Night-Night chicken!"
"Chin up!"
      "You can cry for five minutes, then you have to stop."
"Just wait until your Dad gets home!"
      "Biggggg deal!!"
"Offer it up!"
      "Have a party when I'm gone."
"Don't cry 'til you're hurt."
      "Only boring people get bored."
"All my geese are swans!"
      "I'm not a taxi service."
"Don't sit too close to the TV/read in the dark.  It will hurt your eyes."
      "Go play outside.  It's too beautiful to be inside."

Aren't they precious?!  So, how many of you find yourselves repeating some of these to your own children?  I know I repeat a couple of things my mom used to say to my kids.  This was alot of fun!  I will be back tomorrow to post "Wordplay".  As always, thanks for stopping by! xox



  1. Mums do seem to have a lot of weird and wonderful sayings! Jeannette xx

  2. Some of these are SO hilarious!


  3. All fun to read. Yes, I've said a few myself. : )

  4. Hi Val,  They are all so true! :o)

    Sandra xxxxx

  5. Yes Yes Yes I heard it ,I even said it ,all soooo true ........Jan xx

  6. This was a lot of fun to contribute to...and more fun to read them all!

    be well,

  7. Glad you had a good moms day:)


  8. hello friend so cute yup we have all probably said some of these at some times lol have a great day GOd bless kelley

  9. I just loved this entry.

  10. Here's another Val, that my mum was obsessed with: Have you got clean knickers on, because you never know if you will have an accident? Keep smiling.
    Love Sylvia xxx

  11. OMG I recognize over half of those I've heard growing up, only to inflict on my own kids!  Well, I'll just do as my mom always told me to:  Offer it up!  Thanks, Val.  Cathy

  12. I heard a guy say his father would tell him to eat all the food on his plate because there are people starving over seas.    His response would be: "Name one!"  lol   mark


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