Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Morning Question...

Monday Morning Question

Do you watch much television?  What is/are you favorite television show(s)?

My answer:  I almost never turn on my television until after dinner - around 7PM in the evening, and have it on until midnight or 1AM.  I am not always engrossed in what I watch and use it for escape purposes or to unwind.  I think that there is alot of trash on TV nowadays and I try to stay away from it.  My two favorite TV shows are probably "The Apprentice" and "American Idol".  Go Elliott!  Yes, I am a reality junkie when it comes to these two shows.  I am really liking a new show that came out this year, "Little People, Big World" on the Lifetime Channel, I think it is.  It is about a couple that are dwarfs and they have four children, one who is a dwarf and three who are not.  This show is done with dignity and class.  I have fallen in love with the family.  The couple,  Amy and Matt are so cool.  I love the lofty dreams of Matt and the sensibility of Amy.  Watch it if you have never done so!  I also watch alot of Christian and Catholic television.  What about you?

I will be back later this morning to post the Photo Scavenger Hunt entries.  I hope you will take the time to enjoy viewing them!  Have a nice day! xox


  1. Little People, Big World...............
    I too am liking that show very very much.
    They are a wonderful family.....
    And you can tell how much love is in that home.............
    They may be "little people"..........
    But they have the biggest hearts of anyone Ive seen....

  2. An English version of the apprentice has just finished here ,though I've watched your version with Donald Trump too .......Jan xx

  3. Hi Val,

    I don`t really watch very much TV these days and apart from The West Wing and Lost, what I do watch are British dramas.  I seem to spend most of my free time on the! :o)

    Sandra xxxxx

  4. No, I don't watch TV. I haven't got a TV set, I think there's so much garbage on I wouldn't even consider buying one now. Jeannette xx

  5. Hello friend I tend not to watch to much tv either out of to much trash on there i belivie now. I do watch americas funnisest home videos and extreme home makeover and i love to watch home improvment shows because our house is a home improvment in the making lol and I have watched the show you like with the drawfs too vey good i think also have a great day God bless kelley

  6. Well, I hate to admit it but I'm quite addicted to a few.  Here they are, not in any particular order:
    American Idol,
    Grey's Anatomy,
    Home Makeover,
    ...and a few I watch when I can!
    Take care,


  8. I love Survivor and Big Brother.  I also like Nanny 911 and Trading Spouses.  I would love to be on one of these shows.  I even gave my job availibity according to the tv guide. LOL  Okay but I don't drink!  And it's free!  Love ya! Barbara

  9. I work swing shift when the shows are on and I don't like any of the day time stuff - useless as far as I'm concerned.  I keep my radio going during the day and when I come home at night, the radio is back on again.  HOWEVER, I have my daughter record Amazing Race for me - and I will remind her 100x's not to forget me.  That is the one and only show I watch at this time.  I'd LOVE to see Sonny and my youngest son go on that race, I think they could do it.  As for myself, I don't think I would have the stamina and with my medical conditions, doubt I'd even be allowed.  Ok, have I rambled on long enough to say I only watch one TV show?


  10. Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy are the 3 on free TV that I follow and also Boston Legal.     I get poor reception on the one about "Earl" and watched it last week.    I did a survey for pay on AOL and said I did not like the format for it, but I realized that it was also because of the reception.    It is not big budget and hollywood format like the other's.    However, if it were not for PBS I would not watch much of anything else except that late at night when I'm tired and don't want to read it is just something to keep my mind occupied and hopefully bore me to sleep.    My ear infection has my head swimming today and it is 55F and raining so the weather has me down also.    The new medications that I am on are so much better than the old one's.    I also learned that Tylenol (generic) helps with the uptake of Tramadol I was informed.    Now I know why my white cell count was below 13 because of the ear infection.     I could not have standed anymore of the Neurontin and Nortriptylene (which I still take a night to help me sleep).    Lyrica which replaces Neurontin is helping me with the stiffness from severe arthritis and scar tissue that causes me the chronic pain.   Lexapro is relieving my depression during the day.   I am so much better off and energetic and even feeling happy during the day often which I was not before.     Wishing John and Krissy my best and have been getting her alerts.    Hugs,   mark

  11. My viewing habits are documented as being way way way excess, BUT, nonetheless, here are my FAV's: 24, Greys Anat, Sopranos, Lost, Invasion, Conviction, Alias.......and others. I'm losing a few , can't figure out what's going on with Commander in Chief. Glad the season is coming to an end so I can do Summer things. rich

  12. I get engrossed by Saturday night dramas from the BBC that are aired on PBS.  I'm especially excited because I got an E-Mail from PBS saying that Rosemary and Thyme will be returning July 15!!

  13. Every Night.... Like commander in chief and West Wing.  Sorry West Wing is through, and I suspect commander is too.  Wont miss Somebody and Grace.  nor the 70s show.  most watch all the murder and post mortem shows though why they think it is entertaining or essential to show the bodies being autopsied I dont know.  Obviously the make up man has pasted the guts on the actor,  How would you like to be an apiring actor and get a part in a detective show and find out you were the weekly corpse.  "Well, it was an important part... there would be no story with me."  CSI is good and D'Onfro is good detective...almost as good as monk.

  14. i don't watch much tv--I prefer jeopardy and a few sitcoms--not many.
    I watch game show channel and food network mostly on the weekends.
    since it's baseball season I try to watch my beloved Giants as well.

  15. I threw myTV out about 5 years ago, I do not watch it unless I am at my mom's and she has hers on.  I also dont do movies etc, my preacher preaches against it and I was convicted of it later.  I actually wonder when I had time for it................Stormie

  16. Oh how funny, Sissy.  I also watch "Little People, Big World".  I didn't know you watched that show, LOL.  I watch that everytime it comes on.  Why did Matt buy that rooster then keep it penned up in a little pen instead of letting it run around his farm, if he wanted a rooster so bad, lol?  Anyway, I watch that, Catholic TV (EWTN) and FOX News.  That is about it.  But not too much.  I am definitely not a TVaholic.


  17. lol none!

  18. Oh my gosh I don't think we ever turn off the tv... We have about five...
    This season our shows are: Two and a Half Men, CSI Miami, Supernatural, Invasion, Smallville, CSI, and Gilmore Girls...
    Linda :)


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