Friday, May 12, 2006

It's a boy and "Wordplay"!...

     "The most important thing she'd learned over the years was that there
     was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good   
                                                            - Jill Churchill

Hi there.  It's Friday and I haven't posted "Wordplay" yet.  I had a full week of Chelsea being here and a full week of appointments.  I am just recovering.  It was fantastic having Chels here.  We had a ball.  We went shopping for her little one.  I found out yesterday she is positive she is having a boy!! 
CONGRATULATIONS, Chels!!  She wants a boy.  She won't have to take back all the blue clothes she received as gifts this past week, either.  She went back with alot of stuff.  She is really a beautiful pregnant lady.  Much more confident and radiant than I was.


It is Mother's Day this Sunday.  I wanted to wish every mom out there a Happy Mother's Day!!!  I also wanted to use the subject of "mom" for "Wordplay" today.  I wanted to ask everyone what advice or just general statements about life they had gotten from their mom's over the years.  I wanted to see what 'mom-isms' we could come up with.  Some of the things I remember my mom saying over the years are:  "All my geese are swans!""It will get better before you're married." (although my Dad said this much more than my mom.); "I'm not a taxi service."; "Life's not fair."; "Don't sit too close to the TV/read in the dark.  It will hurt your eyes."; and finally, "Go play outside.  It is too beautiful to be inside."  I'm sure my list could be alot longer, but this is a list to start us out.  What about you What was your mom famous for sayingWhat advice did she give you or what was she often saying?  I will post the list I have gathered either on Mother's Day or early next week.  Please put your contribution in the comments section or do an entry in your journal and come back and leave the URL to your entry so I can include you in my list!  Thanks for your participation!!  This will be fun!!  And again, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and to my Mama, too!!  Love you, Mom!!!!



  1. congrats chelsea!!!  boys are so wonderful to start out with!  

    my mom always says.  if you go outside with wet hair when i is cold outside you will get sick.  

  2. Congrats on the new little boy that is on the way!!!

    Wow! Mom-isms....I have to sit and think about that mom had many, many, many.  A few that come to mind right now are: "You don't have the sense you were born with".  

    When I would tell her that I wanted something.....she would most likely come back with "People in Hell want ice water."

    One thing that also comes to mind that she always said was "You never miss the water 'til the well runs dry."  How true that is.

    I do miss my mom.

  3. Congrats on Chelsea being positive it's a boy.    I can't think of an ism's right away except I had to have each item on my plate kept seperate with no mixing together and eat them one at a time.    I would hear "it all gets mixed together in your stomach".      mark

  4. Hi Val,  A little boy eh?  There`s nothing like a baby grandson, wait and see.  Mind you if Roman had been a girl I`d have loved him just as much. :o)

    Sandra xxxxx

  5. My mom used to say, ""just wait till you have kids of your own""  I now find myself saying that to my kids.  Have a good weekend.

  6. Happy Mother's day to you, Val soon to be Grandma!!


    "If people don't like you for who you are they aren't your friends"

    "Be a leader not a follower"

    Those are the two that popped in my mind following,  "I love you"  I think that is what my mom always said and still says most!!!

    be well,

  7. My mum always used to say 'Go back and wash your hands properly, hands don't stop at your wrists.'!!!! She wasn't much up on anatomy but she was a wonderful mum!! Jeannette xx

  8. My mother always said when we were going off to a party or event, "Keep your name clean."
    Of course meaning, be a pillar of society. : )

    You most be so happy to be having your first grandson. : ) : ) : )

    Happy Mother's Day, Val.

  9. The one that comes to me most often is this one she would say in exclamation:  "Goodness gracious Godness Agnes!"  Heted it back then - say it a lot now . . . isn't that the way?  Love and blessings, Penny

  10. My Mom used to tell us:" I told you a thousand times not to exagerate." and " Don't cross your eyes, if someone hits you in the back of your head they will get stuck that way!" And then she would pat you on the back and say , "Guess whos back?"  And then when you'd say Who?  she would say," Yours! "
    She would go around telling people...I bet I know where you got your shoes....on your feet.  And the last one...If you are an American when you go into the bathroom and an American when you go out of the bathroom,,,what are you when you are in the bathroom?  Eurepian.  Say it will get it.
    Now you know why I am the way I am... Barbara

  11. CONGRATULATIONS on the baby boy!  What an exciting time for all of you. :-)

    As for things my mom would say ... that's a tough one as she really didn't say much.  Two things I remember is "learn from your mistakes" and "wait until you have children".  I asked Kim, my daughter what does she remember me saying the most ... and she said to "love your brothers as they are the family who will be with you the longest and they are the ones you can depend on to be there for you."  LOL ... I'm sure that was a struggle for her at times but, they truly are close. :-)


  12. What a FUN beautifully done journal!  I'm so glad you directed me here!  Also, so glad that you have become a POSITIVE PAL!!!

                                  my art:  ;-)

  13. Happy Mother's Day!!!!
    Linda :)

  14. Hi Val~Here's the link to my Mother's Day entry. One saying was "We'll just see how you do!" whenever I was critical of her and Dad! Another: "Nursing is a good profession to fall back on." When we were younger--"Wait till your Father gets home!" My Grandma had a real funny one: "Close your mouth or flies will get in."
    And always--"Is he/she Catholic?" & "Are you going to church?" Happy MD, Val ;-)
    xox Deb

  15. Hello friend congrates to chesl on her little boy so gald you too had a good time this week did you take pics i would love to see one of you two togather have a great weekend GOd bless kelley

  16. Congrats, Happy Mother's Day and "think of all those starving kids overseas!!" rich

  17. "Night Night Chicken!"  "Chin Up"  "You can cry for five minutes, than you have to stop!"
    Happy Mother's Day Val, And Happy Grandmother's Day!


  18. Hi Val honey!! Sorry I've been out of the loop. I thought I felt so good after hand surg on Wed and I think it was just my pain meds.  LOL But I had to stop by and and give you a big (((((((((VAL))))))))))) and say Happy Mother's Day and CONAGRATULATIONS on the grandson.  I know how excited Chelsey and you are.  I am SO glad you had a great week together.  
      I had a fantastic  mother.  She had to be one of the hardest working women I have ever known in my life.  She was beautiful and smart. She was tough as a nail.  She could drive a tractor, and embroider a hanky. She could cook a 5 course meal and plant and harvest a garden.  She was my world and I miss her terribly. She really didn't have a momism...One I do remember her saying a "few" times was "Just wait till your dad gets home"!! Yikes!! Oh and her catch phrase (and being a bartender/owner she could talk salty) was either "Biggg Deal" or "BFD" (big f....DeaL) lol that's my mom! Have a joyful and blessed Mother's Day my dear friend.  I love ya.

  19. Whenever I complain, mom always says "Offer it up!"  
    Gotta love mothers...

  20. Hi Val, Happy Mom's Day.  This is amazing, for just like "love2sing" my mom always told us "Offer it up!" whenever we hurt ourselves doing something we shouldn't. or forced into doing something we should.   Another timeless momism was "Have a party when I'm gone."  Needless to say, we didn't.  But knowing she's gazing upon the face of God gives me all the warmth I need, to know she's happy, safe and perfect in His mercy and love.   Cathy

  21. TY for the visit to my journal, & the nice comment you left. Please come again often! ;0) I'm adding you to my alerts.
    Have a nice Mothers Day today!
    Blessings, SUGAR

  22. don't cry till your hurt---whatever the heck that was supposed to mean--that one used to just piss me off--it still does.

  23. Congratulations to Chelsea, awww, boys are lovely - as are girls of course - she will make a wonderful Mother, she had you to learn from :o)
    As for 'Mum sayings', my Mum was always telling me that 'only boring people get bored'!!  I used to hate that, she can't even remember saying it now though!
    Sara   x


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