Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday Morning Question, etc...

For some strange reason the font sizes in my entries are not taking.  They are changing mid-entry.  It is driving me crazy.  Is this happening to anyone else?  Ack!  This was happening a few months back, but seemed to be corrected, but now is happening again.  I wanted to tell you all something funny.  I went to a party at a friend's house Friday night.  My friend has this iguana, Bubba, that is about four-feet long.  I was pretty apprehensive about meeting Bubba and holding him.  I had "met" iguanas before, but they had always been in their tanks.  I had never seen an iguana over a foot long, perhaps.  Well, get this, I held this iguana for about a half an hour.  He snuggled up to me and even gave me kisses.  He nuzzled my face and neck and hugged me with his long, clawed arms and was one of the most friendly  pets I had ever met.  He responds to his name and likes to be sung to.  He loves cuddling, loves to be stroked, and loves having the back of his ears and neck scratched.  Some of you are probably shaking your heads and making faces and maybe even shuddering (I'm sorry!).  I would be, too, if I had never held one before.  Awwww, I think I will get an iguana after my cats pass away.  Really, I think I will.  Now on to the Monday Morning Question...


Monday Morning Question

What is the strangest thing in your refrigerator?

My answer:  I have cat nip in my refrigerator for my kitty cats.  I guess that is a little strange.  I hear if you keep it refrigerated or frozen it stays fresher.  I also have hoisin sauce.  I love using it on meats.  If you have never tried it you should!   I got it from a local Chinese grocery store owned by a friend and neighbor of my parent's.  That's as strange as I get, which isn't too strange today.

What about you?

Have a nice day all! xox


  1. My fonts have a life of thier own, have had for a few mos!!! I have no control over them some days, I wrote about it a few entries back! GRRRR
    I don't know about a lizard, not for me...I don't think! LOL
    Refrig, nothing strange, sorry too boring here.
    Hugs, Sug

  2. My fisherman partner Maurice has snook a bait box containing maggots ,in there I thinks Idont know ..I keep checking the lid is tight shut lol ......Jan xx

  3. I adore lizards! I used to have a bearded dragon, he was beautiful. I couldn't keep him though as he'd only eat locusts after a while and watercress, he was costing me around $70 a week to feed! I haven't got anything strange in my fridge apart from some gel eye pads which are best used on the eyes cold. We'll ignore the five week old carrot lurking in the salad box!!

  4. Don't start me on fonts, grrr. You write in Times Roman, comes out as Tahoma, write size 10, comes out size 6 aaaaaargh!!! Journalseditor can't be bothered to deal with it, oh AOHell.
    Contents of fridge. Mine is quite ordinary, but 3 years ago I had home-made blackberry jam in it. A whole kilo of them, picked in temperatures of 100F.

  5. What's strange in my refrigerator ?  You tell me...Linda in Washington state

  6. Strangest thing in my fridge is probably lipstick~  Hey, it keeps it from melting and keeps it fresh enough to eat! lol~

  7. I can't think of any..not that I even bother to check...I'm laughing on some of the comments though :-)
    have a happy Memorial day,
    Gem :-)

  8. candles but doesn't everyone keep candles in the fridge???

  9. Sadly enough--I don't think there's anything strange in our refrigerator.  I thought about it and thought about it and looked and nope--nothing unusual--unless you count the dog treats--but I don't.

  10. when i was working i kept lipstick in the fridge.  from time to time you can find a candle or two in the freezer.
    but right now?  nothing strange.  


  11. The strangest thing I have in my frig is balogna.  As far as I am concerned it is a foreign substance!  John likes it but I know it is plain gross.

    Krissy at Hope Lodge

  12. Yes, my fonts usually come out in different sizes and drive me nuts in entries. And, I rarely get Times Roman which is my favorite.

    As for strange things in my refridgerator, I can't think of a thing. It's a pretty normal fridge. I buy low fat everything if that's strange. : )


  13. Uhmmmm, forgot to say, Sissy, I am afraid of the iguana, LOL.

    Krissy at Hope Lodge

  14. Today, I found mold in the refrigerator in the garage.  Yuck!  It may not be strange to some, but I thoroughly expected it to be clean, chilled and ready for sodas.  Otherwise, I quit keeping weird materials, like Omega oils, in the fridge... too easy to get lost/forgotten in there!  We're a very on-the-go family.  So, Mother Hubbard's cupboard is pretty bare right now.  Shana

  15. i love thhe lizard! he is quite beautiful.. i cleaned out my frige a week ago, i would have had a few interesting science projects to tell ya  

  16. the strangest thing in my fridge is a be cool soft gel thing for kids fever.  OK I am rehooked on Iguanas I had wanted one years ago and talked myself out of it. I love lizards.. ;)  My fonts have been crazy too. It drives me nuts when it changes it in the middle of a post for a line or two then goes back to normal.
    Barbara B

  17. Is keeping batteries in the fridge strange? I heard they last longer if kept cool in there.  That's about as strange as mine gets.  I like the lizard.  My son has a snake.  He likes all animals.
    Enjoy your evening.

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    Hope you had a good day today.

  19. OOoh Bubba sounds so sweet!  I have heard of them getting that affectionate but never seen it myself!  I don't think it icky at all!!!

    The strangest thing in my fridge....hmmm

    Noxema for sunburn soothing I think and a dried flower corsage from last years dance recital for my daughter!  LOL  She wants to save it forever and keeps checking for it... lol

    This years recital is coming...soon that one will be ditched for the new!  

    be well,

  20. Darnit!  I hit cancel instead of save.  So I'm starting over...and a thunderstorm is headed this way.  LOL I had a worm in my fridge on Sunday.  Lucky for me he was sheathed inside corn husks happily munching on the end of an ear of corn. YUCK!   Now I have nail polish (supposed to stay longer) and an eyeliner pencil that melts every time it reaches room temp.  
    You go on the Lizard.  I'm not much of a fan of reptiles, but Hey, I hear they are great pets.  
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Barb

  21. I have an iguana in my refrigerator.

    LOL!!!  Well, it's been ages since I really cleaned it out, so there's everything else in there .. .  Steve keeps garlic in there . ..  I never used to do that . . .  I didn't refrigerate it . ..  is that strange?  (Shrug)  Obviously, I have a pretty boring fridge.

    Yep, I have lots of sizes of batteries . ..  it starting to look like an aisle from ACE HARDWARE!!!


  22. I had no idea that an iguana could have the traits of a cat or a dog.     I would have thought they were on a reptilian level with brains that could only process the most basic thing like desiring food.    We have a reptilian part to our brains that make up the most base characteristic like fight or flight and other low level mental processes.     I am truly amazed to know what the iguana is capable of.    That is certainly interesting.      The strangest thing in my refrigerator are the all but empty things like horseradish sauce and mustard, etc. containers.    I put water in them and shake them to use them to stews with meat.     Most people would just throw them away.      Also I use any plastic I have a "filler" in concrete pours for my home.     The plastic is good forever inside the concrete.     I burn paper products to get rid of them but I won't burn plastics as they are harmful to the environment.      When I no longer have concrete to use them in I will take them to a recycling center.        mark

  23. I played here's my answer:
    Take care, Chrissie

  24. Iguannas are cool!  But remember to wash your hands after petting one because some of them carry salmonella.  We had two huge ones but gave them away when Eric moved to Austin.  They take alot of care.  Rick built a huge cage that took up a whole wall in the living room for them.  Maybe I can find a picture somewhere. Barbara
    As for the fridge question I have a few things that are not recongnizealbe you do really want a picture of that?  I think it is time to clean it out again!!! Did you see Erics refrigerator?  When he comes to visit he always cleans mine out. He needs to make another visit! Barbara


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