Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Morning Question...

I am hosting the Monday Morning Question while Krissy is in Hershey caring for her husband who is having some setbacks from his bone marrow transplant.  I wanted to thank you for the opportunity, Krissy!  For those of you who want to know how John and Krissy are visit her journal!  They need some prayers and support right now as it has been a long road for them.

I also wanted to welcome every new reader I have had this week and challenge you to do the Monday Morning Question, The Photo Scavenger Hunt, and "Wordplay" Wednesday with me.  It will be loads of fun!  I wanted to thank Cyndy
for choosing me as one of her top five editor's picks and giving me the opportunity to have some new readers this week!!  Thanks, Cyndy!  Incidentally, Cyndy has the neatest, positive journal here.

Now, on to the Monday Morning Question...

Monday Morning Question

This question is going to go along with the "time" theme that Cyndy has given me.  If you were allowed to go back to a time in your life for two days and experience it with the knowledge that you have now, what time would you like to go back to and why?

My answer:  I think I would like to go back and be with my kids while they were little, say one and three years old, and have an awesome two days just playing and having a ball, confident in my skills with them, giving them tons of love, and knowing that they would grow up just fine and so would I =).   What about you?

P.S.  You can't say you don'twant to go back!  LOL  Well, you can... but try not to say it... =)

I will be back later this morning to post the Photo Scavenger Hunt entries and give you this week's subject.  Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day! xox


  1. Hi sweetie~Congrats on the nod from Cyndy--and well deserved! ;-) I sure will continue to pray for John & Krissy and encourage everyone else to also. Sending one up right now!...As for the question: hmmmm, thinking.....Two days in the past with what I know now...When I went on that trip to Carolina, I would make a greater effort to catch that plane home after one month instead of staying 4 and thus totally alienating my son. I would have had my son baptized in the name of Jesus Christ when he was a baby. Blessings, SassyDeb ;-) PS. Also I would forgive myself sooner and others for their mistakes. <<<new photo entry today

  2. if i could go back in time for just 2 days i woud go back to the time when my best friend was still alive and just love him the way i should have back then..i would spend the whole 2 days with him just holding his hand and talking to him..i would let him know how much i really did and do love him..

  3. I would go back to when my oldest son was a baby, and make MANY changes that would help my childrens lives later on.
    Prayers for John & Krissy!
    Hugs, Sugar

  4. here is my answer.

    Thanks for helping Krissy out.  I know it gives her peace to know we are all praying for her and John.

    Much Love,


    I played ! :)

  6. Okay, this question is a toughy.  How about the day I joined the Catholic Church, and gave my life more fully to Jesus.  Yes, that is my answer.  

    Krissy still at Hope Lodge

  7. Oh CONGRATULATIONS Val my pal on being an editors pick!!!!!!!  How fantastic, and very well deserved :o)  
    As for which two days I would go back and live again, mine would be similar to yours, I'd go back to the time before I ever suspected there was a problem with J and just have lots of fun with him :o)
    Sara   x

  8. I'm new here, but I played and here's the link to my answer:

    Take care, Chrissie

  9. I like your answer about going back in time with the kids.

  10. I would go back to one of our family vacations and spend more time at the beach with Eric and less time with my face stuck in a book.  You don't realize how much you will miss them until the day they move away. Barbara


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